I was not sure what to expect at Barefoot & Free upon my first day. I arrived skeptical, uncomfortable, and assumed I would not belong as I was a casual yogi. Instead, I was met with complete acceptance. I noticed a diverse group of attendees that made me feel as though everyone had a place here. On top of that the well-curated experiences are transformational and the teachers are some of the most talented, intelligent, insightful, and inspirational teachers I have ever come across. Every class was the best class I’ve ever had.  Every day, I felt fulfilled — mind, body, and soul. Before attending, I was not aware how much I needed a weekend like this to become reacquainted with myself. To notice how powerful my body is, how thoughtful my mind is, and how connected my soul is. Barefoot and Free did that for me. I was reacquainted with and fell in love with myself again. And I am so so grateful to Beth and to the incredible volunteers, staff, and teachers who bring this experience to life. They are changing lives for the better — I know they did that for me. I have already bought my ticket for next year and urge you to do the same. You will be better for it. And you deserve it.

Amy Gillespie

Attending Barefoot and Free has been one of the greatest, most incredible experience ever!! It has been life changing! Two months has passed since I attended the yoga festival. All the lessons I learned still keeps me going. When I am down or dealing with something difficult, I look back at the photos from the festival and it instantly puts a smile on my face, as I reminisce about my experiences. I met so many amazing people. Practicing yoga with Danni Pomplun has been a dream come true. I took an Acro Yoga class for the first time. I was so positive that I wasn’t strong enough to be a base but excited to try something new. The teachers made me feel confident and I was able to be base and a flyer! I had so much fun! I was really hesitant about attending the Cacao Ceremony. I haven’t heard of it before. I am so happy that the other people there told me not to miss it and convinced me to go. The ceremony with the Cacao King has been so transformative!! I laughed, cried, danced, shared love and positive affirmations with strangers who became family. The experience was unreal. I’ve never felt confident to dance in front of others, but there nothing mattered! There was so much love, acceptance and zero judgment from everyone there!! I was constantly surrounded by awesome energy and great vibes the entire weekend. I drove down to Michigan with my friend from New York. The twenty-hour drive was so worth it. I am so excited to attend next year God willing. I am so grateful to have been able to attend and for all the people there for making my experience so amazing. I am indebted to Beth for making the experience possible. Thank you for all your love, patience and hard work! You are appreciated Beth! 

"The Girl from New York" Shay Lieberman

My experience at Barefoot was absolutely wondrous and left an imprint on my soul.   Beth created a truly sacred space for people from all walks of life to come together and play!! It was a perfect blend of everything that is nourishing and nurturing to our spirits.  We were guided to explore our own depths in our yoga or meditation practice, then we could splash around in the lake on a paddle board with our friends!! Or jam out to some live music and eat yummy food then go catch a class on ancient healing practices. We danced around a big bonfire then I slept peacefully under the stars.  To be so connected to nature, to the people around me, and to myself, is truly priceless. I remember looking into the eyes of everyone I saw and all I could see was Love.  Everyone was learning and growing and diving deep, yet still filled with an open and lighthearted joy.  I still look back on this weekend with deep gratitude and a sense of honor for being a part of it.  I am so so so proud of you Beth!! No matter where I am in the world, come summertime you can catch me in Michigan, Barefoot and Free with my favorite people!!

Melissa Mytych

Barefoot and Free Yoga Festival is nothing short of magical!! As a yoga teacher, I have been to several yoga festivals and events and this is by far my favorite! The location has natural charm, there is a vast selection of classes and workshops, and the event is well organized and put together. I felt so joyful and connected being in the woods and everyone I met at the event was kind and welcoming. I will definitely be returning!

Ginger Corwin

I went to Barefoot and Free their first year and obviously didn’t know what to expect. I was supposed to go with a friend but their life was so crazy at the time I ended up going by myself. I had an entire weekend pass and was alone. As soon as I got there it felt like home. A weight was instantly lifted. I saw friends that I already had, and was constantly being connected to new amazing people. It was just so natural, and peaceful. I ended up going from class to class and basically just bouncing around from one thing to another and never once felt alone. I have been impatiently waiting for July to come again since before the festival was even over. I’m so happy Beth, and company have created this magical weekend, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this year! 

Ashley Asztalos

FINALLY! A Yoga Festival in Michigan! I am so excited to go again this summer – there are so many brilliant yoga teachers all in one place! It truly is a yogi’s dream to experience an entire weekend of yoga, meditation, music, great food, artsy vendors and hanging out with like-minded people. I also like that the schedule offered something for everyone; whether you are just starting yoga or have been practicing for over a decade. The location is perfect too, super tall and beautiful trees with a beautiful lake to paddle board or swim. Can’t wait for the last weekend of July 2017 to roll around!!

Michelle Trame

I am happy to say that I got to be apart of the very first Barefoot and Free festival held here in the heart of Michigan in our very own Proud Lake. This festival was such a beautiful experience in so many ways. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the festival, we were surrounded by beautiful trees, mysterious trails, lakes and flowing rivers. It was like our own little home in the woods. The openness of the park felt free and spacious, tucked away from the business of life. There were tons and tons of yoga offerings all through out the day, philosophy lectures, delicious foods, guided meditations, paddle boarding, wild dancing in the rain, and the opportunity to able to just let go and be free! This festival truly brought out the free spirit in everyone who attended. All the offerings and different activities led throughout the camp took you on an adventure to new places, with like minded people and alternative journeys. It created an atmosphere of creativity, freedom and surprise around every corner. I cannot wait for this year and all that is to come!

Erin Brown

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