Valerie Weir

Valerie Weir has been teaching and practicing kundalini yoga for many years, and trained directly with Yogi Bhajan and Don Conreaux (grand gong-master). She has been in apprenticeship with Evolutionary Astrologer Steven Forrest since 2003, and has been a professional astrologer since 2006.

Class Offerings: Kundalini Yoga and Planetary Gongs / Astrology: The Structure of Power

Kundalini Yoga and Planetary Gongs: This workshop will focus on self-empowerment through movement, breath, and the planetary sounds of the gongs. We will finish a powerful meditation that uses communication techniques to build trust and support for ourselves and one another.

Astrology: The Structure of Power: In this workshop we will be focusing in on current sky-themes, which include the powerful Pluto and Saturn connection. Each participant will have the opportunity to see how these planets are influencing their lives, through their own natal charts. Please come with time, location and date of birth.