Taylor Beardsall

As an art therapist and yoga instructor, I approach both practices with an open mind, open heart, and sense of acceptance toward all individuals. In art therapy I utilize tenets of mindfulness, as well as a humanistic and positive psychology approach. I encourage individuals and groups I work with to trust their intuitive creativity, and express and release what they need using the therapeutic art-making process. Yoga and art therapy share common qualities, both are: experience-based; intention focused; stress reducing; increase self-awareness; and encourage a flow state. I often combine therapeutic art making with yoga and meditation in my work. In both art therapy and yoga sessions, I provide a safe space for creative exploration, self-trust, and self-love.

Class Offerings: Eco-Art Therapy: Creating with Pressed Flowers

Using found dried and pressed flowers and leaves, create a lovely and delicate art piece! Facilitated by Art Therapist and Yoga Teacher Taylor Beardsall, this eco-art therapy experience will provide a deep sense of mindfulness and connection to nature. Engaging and creating with natural materials can foster a sense of grounding and peace. You will be guided through the process of intuitively connecting to the natural materials, and creating artwork that is personal and meaningful to you.