Soojin Kim

 Soojin is a lover of language, feeling, movement, deep human connection and the arts. She is very interested in the mythos of the human spirit and how we reveal our stories on this earthly plane.

Her discovery of yoga was a life changing awakening and deeply reconnected her to her body and soul through breath, meditation and movement. She travelled to India to study at the Vedanta Ashram in 2013 with Swami Paratharsary. Her studies of Vedic philosophy would later evolve into a deep appreciation of Tantra. Soojin weaves in spirituality, art of rituals alignment, mindful flow and pranayama within her classes to help you connect to the lighthouse of your jiva-soul. She has been teaching for 7 years, specializing in alignment yoga, yoga Nidra, kundalini yoga woven with creative embodiment and spirituality.

She believes we are all here to remember and develop the deep inner essence of who we are so that we can open up to the a bigger conversation with each other, the divine and consciousness. Hungry for spiritual knowledge, connecting with the wild feminine and honoring our bodies and inspiring others to love their body, mind, heart and soul on this beautiful journey. “The greatest gift we can offer each other is our love and attention.”

Social Media: @soojint


Class Offerings: Portal into the 5 Senses: Yoga, Movement & Embodiment

A practice to align our energy through the portals of the 5 senses so that we can come home to ourselves with greater sensitivity, aliveness and connection to the inner sanctuary of your body and spirit. We will journey through a asana practice to inspire, balance and spark awe within the vessel of our bodies and connect to the 5 elements and 5 senses. We will explore movement, breath, chanting, mudras, dance through a playful and introspective silent disco to bring you into a state of body-mind-heart equilibrium. We are nature and nature is what opens us to infinite possibilities. How we harness and create poetry with our energy is how we create harmony within ourselves and share it with the world. We will explore different yoga techniques and practices.

How long have you been practicing? 12 years.

Interesting fact about yourself: I have an inner lip tattoo that says magic. I sometimes forget I have it too!

“Sensitivity is exquisite aliveness.” – Jessica Hesser