‘Sensei’ Derek

‘Sensei’ Derek is an experienced bodyworker, yoga teacher and internet ordainer reverend preaching the gospel of the human form.  His study has lead him deep down the path of not only asana and movement, but of the physical mechanics and philosophical intricacies of the human experience.  As an anatomy teacher and bodyworker Derek has honed his understanding of the form and function of the human body, both in the laboratory setting alongside world renowned fascial expert and anatomical explorer Dr. Gil Hedly, and through working with countless moving bodies of all sorts..  Derek has developed a passion for sharing the beauty of the physical form and helping other to see how through understanding we have the power to heal.

Class Offerings:

Holy Roller – Myofascial Release Vinyasa

To place your right foot at the top of your mat requires the use of muscle and soft tissue from the palm of the hand down through the tip of your toe. Asana is movement, Asana takes effort.  The physical practice of yoga uses the physical body.

The shapes we hold through our practice and our daily lives start to create patterns in the soft tissues and even take a toll on our myofascial systems.  A smart movement program, thoughtful asana is an important part of the healing process. Equally important to a healthy physical body is manual therapy and myofascial release.  

Move through a strong, functional and interesting vinyasa flow integrated with an informed and caring exploration of the muscular and fascial system with the amazing and effective self-massage tool kits.  This class will leave you feeling powerful and at ease, with a new-found fascination for what lies under your skin.

Beyond Foam Rolling – Holy Roller Self Care

Your soft-tissue and myofascial system intimately connect your muscles, tendons, bones, nerves, blood vessels and organs.  They keep a detailed record of your past, affect you in the present, and influence your future. While movement practices, such as yoga asana, help us to get into, learn about, and work these parts and systems.  There is more work to do. This practice allows you to improve your health by learning how these systems work, and effective techniques to release the tension and restrictions held within…

  • Identify your areas of restriction
  • Release your restrictions with simple tools and techniques
  • Circulate blood, lymph, oxygen and nutrients throughout your body to promote healing
  • Flush out inflammation and accumulated acidic metabolic waste
  • Restore your health, mobility, posture, and sleep

Learn a little of the science behind, and the actual techniques to support and care for the most ubiquitous substance in the body – FASCIA and its associated structures.  

Antifragile Asana

That body you’ve got is a shining example of more than simple resilience – it not only sustains stress – it grows from it.  You are made stronger by everything you make it through. Every living system is just that; Antifragile. What does that mean for movement and asana?  Join Sensei Derek for a deep dive into the actions, the efforts, and the growth that comes from asana. In this asana lab we will break down some of your favorite postures and transitions from the perspective of opposing actions and full body integration.  Leave with a deeper understand of the appropriate biomechanics and the energetic effort available on your mat.