Sara Yarbrough

 Sara has been studying the nervous system and sound healing since 2009. She has Bachelor’s degrees in Nursing and Biological Psychology, and a Master’s of Science in Nutrition. Most of her 20s were spent as a traveling chef, yoga teacher, and sound therapist. She focuses on education, distribution of tools, and holding sacred space in facilitation. She is a southern native now a work-from-home mom in Ann Arbor, MI with her 3 year old daughter, Onyx Ivory.

Social Media: @kosmickoala


Class Offerings:

Radiant Gong Immersions

Take a rest from the thinking mind and sink into the feeling self. Learn the basic philosophy of sound healing and its healing impact on the nervous system. Experience a spectrum of feeling and deep levels of healing inspired by 6 incredible gongs, flute, chimes, singing bowls, harmonium, and the soft feminine voice. We are more than our third dimensional body. Utilizing the power of sound we will reset the cells, cleanse the blood, body, and spirit, and allow the expansive feelings of the true self to take over for a bit for a total experience of cohesiveness and peace on a quantum level.

Nutrition for the Nervous System – Nourishing the Gut Microbiome w/ Live Cooking Demo

Gut bacteria rule our minds – ever heard that quote? It’s true, yet so is the opposite. Gut bacteria and the nervous system are bi-directional, meaning they communicate back and forth. However, the gut contains more neurons and sends more information to the brain than the brain sends to the gut. Our overall health is determined by the health of our gut, from development in the mother’s womb and throughout our lives. Join us for an interesting lecture on gut microbiome, nervous system interactions, and delicious ways to nourish the body and spirit with living foods chef and nutrition specialist Sara Yarbrough. Featuring a live cooking demo with a recipe from one of her cookbooks.

How long have you been practicing? 10 years.

Interesting fact about yourself: My spiritual journey started while doing research for a paper on bio-electro-magnetism in college.

“The light that you see by Is the light that comes from inside.” – Lorin Roche, The Radiant Sutras