Ronda Guimond

Initially thinking yoga was about asana only, I joined my friend to support a newly opened local studio expecting the class to provide little to my athletic training and body. My first class proved me wrong. I was an avid runner and lover of all physical activity. But after several more yoga classes and a severe humeral fracture, I eventually found how the eight limbs of yoga help me move through various situations and challenges that I now know as blessings of life. 

I began practicing Pilates when another friend who was an instructor started helping me prepare for one particularly important marathon. It improved my running and helped me better understand the body and where our primary source of physical strength is housed — rightfully named the powerhouse.

Being a mentor and teacher has always come naturally. I was a high school Varsity and AAU volleyball coach at a rather young age. I continued coaching various sports teams of all ages and extended my role outside of sports to become a literacy teacher. 

I am a certified yoga teacher and certified Classical Pilates instructor. As a teacher, I am motivating and supportive but can up the intensity with my calming voice and encouraging presence.

Class Offerings: Strength & Control | Method Meets System

This blend of the Ashtanga method and Pilates system will be a unique class that abides by the traditions of each discipline. You will be challenged physically and mentally as you hold yoga poses with a strong breath and move fluidly through Pilates exercises using your mind to connect with your body and maintain your control. This experience will strengthen and stretch you and offer a focus on alignment. All levels of experience are invited to join in!

The Ashtanga yoga method is purposeful with strengthening postures. The key principles of the Pilates system are concentration, control, centering, precision, breath, and flow. Yoga strengthens the front body while Pilates strengthens the back body. Both disciplines focus on the core.