River Rose

River Rose is a priest/ess of Unconditional Love – the divine power of Spirit. Guided by ancestors and the tender whisper of Love Itself, he dances with many modalities, and sings with many voices. With professional training and experience in the Tarot, Energy Healing, and Yoga, in addition to passionate study and practice of Astrology, Dreamwork, and Druidry, River lives and breathes as a force of Nature. His soul intention is to share with All the ecstatic liberation and deep healing that abounds when we are overflowing with Love’s Grace. Sat Nam, Aham Prema.

Website: N/A

Social Media: FB: @bryan.boyd.923

Class Offering: Gaia’s Garden

Join us as we journey back to the Garden, the ever-present space beyond the idea of separation, where we are, always have been, and always will be one family – one beating heart. This sacred group experience blends elements of yoga, druidry, auric awareness, and vocal alchemy in order to re-member our connection with Self, with Other, and with Mama Gaia, and to wield the majestic power of Love to inspire great healing and growth in All. Sat Nam, Aham Prema.

How long have you been practicing? ~6 years (in this life).

Interesting fact about yourself: After her passing, my Great Grandma Jean, the literal and spiritual matriarch of my family, gave to me the name “River,” so that I may wear on my sleeve every day the reminder that we are all rivers of Love, flowing from and to Great Spirit. Sat Nam, Aham Prema.

I Did Not Come to Teach You. I Came to Love You. Love Will Teach You.