Ramalla Corona

Ramalla, has been practicing meditation and working with “The Sound Current” for over 46 years. She has her Doctorate Degree in Spiritual Science from Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy. She was brought up with many spiritual teachers from several traditions; Rashad Field a Sufi Teacher, John-Roger a sound current master, Theosophy, and Archie Fire Lame Deer a Lakota Holy Man. She brings a kind, gentleness to her classes as she shares her experience as a fellow student on the path home into the Heart of Loving and Divinity.

Website: www.catherinecorona.com

Social Media: @catherineacorona

Class Offering: The Magic of Nada Yoga and Guided Meditation of Soul Transcendence

Nada Yoga, The Yoga of The Sound Current, was the “First Yoga”, all other schools of Yoga emerged from Nada Yoga. Experience using the ancient Sounds of Northern India which resonate in the bodies energy centers to tune your body to the highest frequencies to experience healing, vibrancy and calm. The class ends with a guided meditation on transcending the physical and experiencing you Soul; You Divine Nature.

How long have you been practicing? 46 years.

Interesting fact about yourself: Ramalla is raising a brand new foal at her ranch in Colorado! He is 24 days old and a fiesty little dunskin. She fostered the pregnant mare who was rescued from the auction. Its just love, love, love everyday at Star Traveler Ranch!

“If You Would Learn The Secret of Soul Transcendence Look Only For the Good, The Divine in People and Things and all the Rest Leave to God.”  – John-Roger