Rachel True

Rachel True of True Womxn is all about embodying the sacred and embracing sexuality to awaken a life of pleasure. Rachel believes that sacred sexuality is all about getting in touch with our bodies as sexual beings and unlocking our ancient wisdom and joy. True Womxn is a safe space to come for support with healing, reawakening, embodiment and mentorship. Rachel is a shamanic energy healer, womb awakener, divine feminine activator and yoni egg distributer. Her desire is to support women in nurturing body positive relationships with our wombs, vulvas, and ultimately with our pleasure.

Website: www.truewomxn.com

Social Media: @truewomxn

Class Offering: Divine Feminine Activation Ceremony

An empowering and transformational journey to reawaken your divine feminine magic and reconnect to the innate wisdoms that live deep within. The focus will be on the womb space as it is the bridge between the seen and unseen worlds that connect us to our ancient wisdom, our ancestors, our creative nature and sensual energies. It is also a space that holds onto our pain, trauma, conditioning, shame, and fear. This will be a heart opening opportunity to reconnect, revive, and celebrate being a woman in thriving sisterhood.

How long have you been practicing? 15 years.

Interesting fact about yourself: I rode and lead a coast to coast bicycle charity ride across the USA for affordable housing awareness…twice.

“We’re All Just Walking Each Other Home”

– Ram Dass