Rachel Newsome

I’ve always had a passion to teach and help others. It just so happened that my personal journey through self-healing aligned perfectly with my passion. I help others find, create and live a better version of themselves through my wellness company Crowns On. I earned my RYT-200 Certification through the Yogaskills School of Kemetic Yoga. I am also a Holistic Wellness Coach and Certified Herbalist. I just love helping people live their best lives!

Class Offerings: Kemetic Yoga (Journey Through Ancient Egypt)

The class/workshop is centered around the beautiful poses and postures inscribed on the walls of the sacred tombs and temples of Ancient Kemet (Egypt). We will explore and utilize the moving meditation practices of the ancient sages, that cultivates and energizes the physical body (cells, organs and systems) and the Energetic body (chakras/auras). The poses and postures shared in this class/workshop is exclusive to ancient Kemet and will be shared under the methodology of the Yoga Skills. Using the Rule of Four Breathing and Geometric Progressions. It is gentle yet progressive for all levels of participants.