Parvati Devi and Shiva Deva

Parvati Devi and Shiva Deva, founders of Kaleidoscopology, combine their multidimensional life, death, and rebirth metaphysical experiences within the field of fractal anatomy, biogenetics, integration of unconscious aspects of self, and an exploration into the expansion of consciousness.  They specialize in empowering individuals to discover their own pathways to self-realization and transformation.  Parvati and Shiva offer their unique spiritual gifts through a wide range of private sessions, workshops, and retreats.

💙 Parvati Devi Gracefully emulates a deep calling to live from a place of unconditional love, she is a highly intuitive empath, visionary and extraordinary channel of the Divine.  She is a Priestess of the Red Tent and sacred ceremony, holding a fiercely powerful space for those wanting to transform their shadows and rise into their fullest expression of truth.  Parvati offers an abundance of love, compassion, wisdom, nurturing, and empowerment which enables those who work with her to discover their heart-centered truth while trusting their own inner guidance.  Parvati has enabled countless people to become empowered in their self expression, to deepen in self love, to master a balanced lifestyle and create a fulfilling life of love, connection and freedom.

💙 Shiva Deva Known for his gentle masculine inner-warrior abilities, purifying the soul from a broad range of health and emotional imbalances into an empowered, joyful, and healthy embodiment.  Shiva is an extraordinarily experienced minister of light, and nothing ignites his spirit more than to see other people be freed of the imbalances that cause them suffering.  When you work with Shiva he dives deep into the aspects of the psychological shadow which attract and create these repeated hardships.  He leads and empowers others to create positive personal changes in their lives while also discovering how to live through heart centered resonance, which opens their senses, their innate ability to become fully self expressed, and calls forth their greatest gifts to share passionately with the world.

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Class Offerings: Creating Divine Union

Come learn the many ways the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies are reflected within and without.  We will breathe and move our bodies to live binaural frequencies from an array of instruments.  Throughout the offering the magnetism created by the union of these energies will expand allowing each participant to have a direct and unique experience.

How long have you been practicing? 9 years.

Interesting fact about yourself: We met on a “New Years Eve Polar Bear Plunge”🥶 It was a cool way to meet, 😂, and yet only the tip of the iceberg for what the universe was in process of aligning for us.