Paige Altherr

Paige is a dedicated yoga teacher, conscious creator, and a lifelong student. She has dedicated her life to her passion of sharing this ancient yoga practice with as many people as possible, helping students everywhere to connect deeper, awaken fully, and return home to their true inner beauty. Paige teaches yoga, breathwork, meditation, and offers sound healing. All in a conscious and loving effort to create opportunities for people to heal themselves.


Social Media: @pranapaige

Class Offering: Good Vibrations

A strong yet calming practice sealed with a soothing sound bath. This class invites anybody and everybody to experience a deep, inward journey through a slower-paced flow, deep breathing, and mindful movement. A slow flow followed by sound healing instruments penetrates deep into the meditative realms of this practice.

How long have you been practicing? 8 years.

Interesting fact about yourself: I taught myself to play the piano at 5 years old!

A Ship in Harbor is Safe, But That is Not What Ships Are Built For.” – John A. Shedd