Najee Robbins

Najee Robbins is a yoga teacher, educator and former birth doula based in Michigan. With a special focus in restorative yoga she aims to share contemplative practices in a thoughtful and informed way so folks can integrate more self compassion, rest, and curiosity into their lives.


Social Media: @protectyourpeace

Class Offering: Exploring Rest + Play

Join us for a guided movement practice designed spark curiosity, explore play and rest!

We’ll begin with breath work and salutations to set the pace followed by an animal flow inspired sequence to build heat. Closing out practice with a supported savasana to settle into rest.

We encourage you to bring a few blankets and any additional items to help support your comfort in savasana such as something to cover your eyes.

How long have you been practicing? Over 10 years.

Interesting fact about yourself: I used to be a baker! One of my favorite creations was a banana cupcake topped with dulce de leche buttercream and homemade salted caramel corn.

Never Give Up on a Dream Just Because of the Time it Will Take to Accomplish It. The Time Will Pass Anyway.