Morgan Kauffman

My name is Morgan! I’m married and we have two amazing dogs. My hobbies include yoga, hiking, reading and traveling. I’m currently in school to become a social worker. I work with kids on the autism spectrum disorder as a behavioral therapist! I love incorporating what I’ve learned from school and my adventures into my classes ❤️ Yoga transforms people’s lives! I’m a little addicted to breath work, and yoga.

Social Media: @Healwithmorgan

Class Offerings: Blindfolded yin

Our eyesight is our most relied upon sense, so once this sense is eliminated from our yoga practice, inevitably, there is no choice but to turn inward and get in touch with the heightening of our other senses.  This enhanced concentration brings much greater presence and mindfulness to your practice.  Alongside the heightening your other senses, you may also experience your inner dialogue, judgements, and ego become louder when placed in this ‘darkness’.  It’s a fun and empowering ride recommended for all brave and curious yogis who want to learn more about themselves.

How long have you been practicing? Almost 5 years!

Interesting fact about yourself: I’m learning how to play disc golf!

“We are born on this earth with an inhale. We leave on exhale. Let’s make every breath in between count”