Mitchel Doherty

Running like a wild animal, skipping & thriving with play. Helping others to ease their Minds by pushing the limits in strange ways. flowering to the wind & dreaming up all the Micktagical ways. Watching the water move by the will of thought itself. And for life, it guides the way.

Social Media: @MitchelRayDoherty – IG

Class Offerings: Explorative Poem Writing or Poetry Smoetry Class

I took my writing & reverse created it to show people how a poem Lives within Each of Us. Use this Technique to move Internal Inspiration Outwardly Seemingly Accidentally on Purpose! Come Think Differently About How You Think! Things You’ll desire to bring. Notebook Wiring Device Inner Awareness that Things Change. Water & maybe something to sit on!

How long have you been practicing? I have practiced being myself ever since remembering was one of my main focuses.

Interesting fact about yourself: You can hear my laugh from approximately 435 miles away.

“Some People Don’t Want to be Impressed.”unknown. Or. “Even the least among you can do everything that I have done & 10 times greater things.”  – Jesus.