Mike Warren

Mike Warren is a Sound Healing Practitioner, a Flow-State Coach, and a Yoga/Meditation Teacher. He believes in following his highest bliss without shame and loves working with his clients to discover, surrender to, and cultivate their own unique heart centered flow-state in his HeArt of Flow coaching program.

Website: N/A

Social Media: IG: @iammikewarren

Class Offering: Elemental Sound Journey: The HeArt of Flow

Lovingly ground into the Heart of Mother Gaia. Dive deep into the unknown depths of your inner waters. Allow yourself to feel and own your luminous solar flame of empowerment while floating gracefully through the winds of change as Mike Warren guides you through a unique and wonderFULL Elemental Sound Journey.

How long have you been practicing? 6 years.

Interesting fact about yourself: I’ve been a freestyle rapper for 18 years, It’s my favorite way to rhythmically self-inquire and pray.

The Only Way to Make Sense Out of Change is to Plunge Into It, Move with It, and Join the Dance.

– Alan Watts