MiGueal Araquil

MiGueal is a health educator and a “Love For All” activist with established roots in Detroit, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. He founded Detroit LoveFit to create a space to share playful authentic connections, mindful tribe building, and healthy, conscious life patterns to give the next generation the resources for success. The Detroit LoveFit Tribe is a collective of sports trainers, medical professionals, teachers, and parents who all work together to show our children what Detroit love looks like.

Website: www.detroitlovefit.com

Social Media: @Detroit_lovefit

Class Offering: Exploring Rest + Play

Join us for a guided movement practice designed to spark curiosity, explore play and rest! We will Begin with breath work & salutations to set the pace followed by an animal flow inspired sequence to build heat. Closing out practice with a supported savasana to settle into rest.

This class is very prop friendly! We encourage you to bring a few blankets and any additional items to help support your comfort in savasana such as something to cover your eyes.

How long have you been practicing? 10+ years.

Interesting fact about yourself: I never lost my dinosaur. Playful curiosity and a big imagination keeps my inner child happy.

If The Essence of Ordinary Life is Suffering, Then One of the Most Effective Antidotes is Laughter – Particularly Laughter at Oneself.

– Buddha