Marcia McGee

Marcia Faye McGee (200hrs. RYT) Community! Building a diverse yoga community is Marcia’s yoga aim. Bringing yoga to underserved communities and exposing all to the wonders of yoga is how Marcia sees her purpose in the world of yoga.

Marcia is a Flint, Michigan based yoga instructor–completing her studies at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in the summer of 2010. Marcia is also a graduate of the Samadhi Yoga Center Teacher’s Training Program, providing her with a solid Ashtanga /Hatha/Vinyasa foundation.

She currently teaches a Saturday morning, community/donation- based yoga class at Wellness at the Wheel in downtown Flint, Michigan. This community class is open to all levels and works to introduce people to the joys of yoga. All funds collected from this class go to Flint area charities including the YWCA Safehouse for women, The Whaley Children Center, and the Shelter of Flint. Marcia also conducts classes to young people for the Genesee Valley Regional Center Youth Detention Facility and free workshops for The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Flint. Marcia has also shared her joy of yoga with participants as a main tent instructor/presenter at the 2017, 2018, and 2019 Michigan YogaFest.

Marcia resides in the heart of Flint, Michigan with a goal of sharing her love of yoga one smile at a time.

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Class Offerings: The Fun Flow-Flint Style

This class is an exploration of Flow. A gentle version of vinyasa connecting breath and movement. The class is broken into several parts including a variation on sun salutations, standing poses, balancing poses, and seated poses. The class will also work on breath work and meditation.

Each sequence includes movement inquiries into the poses and reflection of poses after challenges sequences. Each pose will be led into from the root of its structure leading into a more challenging take on each pose, allowing students to find their comfort zone within each pose.

The entire class is can be supported through a soundtrack of music celebrating the fun that comes with being on the mat. In some of my classes I have brought in live musicians or DJ’s to play during class. When utilizing music, I offer dance breaks and funky flows connecting the music to the class. Students flow from one posture to another, creating gentle flow sequences with basic breath exercises. The class ends with a relaxation series and savasana. This class is suitable for levels 1-3.

How long have you been practicing? Since 2002

Interesting fact about yourself: I am a featured instructor at the Justice Arts Coalition’s Art for a New Future: National event occurring June 2021. My favorite food is French Fries!

“If you don’t see a clear path for what you want, sometimes you have to make it yourself.” — Mindy Kaling