Luke Sasek

Luke has been a student of asana and meditative practices for 8+ years. His dedication to daily practice and commitment to deepen his learning is supported by an intense curiosity around the myriad ways in which there is an interplay between breath, somatic body, and consciousness. He teaches from a rich depth of personal experience on the mat and is extensively studying with Todd Tesen and Chris Briney.

Social Media:@lukesasek

Class Offerings: Mantra Practice

Introduction to the practice of mantra and chanting. Exploration of foundational aspects, mechanics, rituals and routines around cultivating a mantra practice. Discover how chanting can catalyze a flow state and deeply meditative experience.

How long have you been practicing? 8 years.

Interesting fact about yourself: Loves the ocean — especially surfing, snorkeling, and freediving!

“One seed can grow a tree. One voice, a revolution. One love, the world. You are one.” -Anonymous