Lorenzo Bongiovanni

Lorenzo is originally from the Detroit area and moved to Chicago this past year after graduating from the University of Michigan. Lorenzo has been a competitive hockey player for his whole life and played throughout college. Yoga became an important compliment to Lorenzo’s hockey training, as he learned to use his mind, breath, and body to move intuitively, deeply, and creatively.

A few years later he made the jump and took his 200-Hour Teacher Training at Center For Yoga in Ann Arbor, MI. Throughout training and with the support of his teachers, Lorenzo developed a passion to teach, and to share his story with others looking to cultivate greater intention and self-love in their lives.

Lorenzo now teaches at Yoggic in Lakeview, Chicago. Lorenzo leads an intermediate/advanced hot vinyasa class with the intention of leaving everyone feeling included, empowered, and inspired. Teaching yoga gives Lorenzo a chance to be creative and expressive in a world that sometimes tends to encourage the opposite. Often referred to as “release,” his creative flows paired with upbeat music will offer something for everyone.

Class Offering: Set The World On Fire

Each and every one of us has a fire burning inside of us. That fire can be the means for making waves in the world, for inspiring others, and for living with intention. When those desires and dreams find their way out, they can be a truly unstoppable force. The most difficult part is finding a way to unleash that fire. This is a vinyasa style class rooted in athletic, intuitive movement for sparking the flame within you. It is an opportunity for spontaneous, creative expression — something that can be so difficult to find when we are bound by rigid societal norms. We will learn to harness the artistry of ourselves and the world around us for inspiration. Moments of reflection and intention will be woven throughout that offer stillness amongst the fiery breath, flowing movement, and upbeat music. Dynamic flows, paired with opportunities for inversion and arm balances, create challenge while maintaining accessibility.