Leah Purugganan-Slagenwhite

Not here to show you my super powers ▽ i’m here to show you yours.

Leah is a mama raising her 2 babies on the indigenous lands of the 3 Fires Confederacy and brings the community somatic body & nervous system restoration through the practice of yoga. At the core of the movement practice she offers is a focus on the connection of the brain, mind, & consciousness with a focus on subtle body anatomy & connection to earth’s energies.

As the Lead Trainer of the Starseed Yoga Immersion Teacher Training program (RYS 200-hr) since 2014, the teachings are based off the belief that individual liberation cannot occur in wholeness without tending to the cultural; and that cultural change cannot be tended to in an honorable way without tending to the somatic bodies of the land as well as the collective consciousness. To learn more about her work: Starseed Immersion 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance approved), select workshops offered monthly and 1-on-1 by referral only visit starseedwisdomyoga.com

Website: starseedwisdomyoga.com

Social Media: @leah.the.body.poet

Class Offerings: Primordial Yoga

Primordial Yoga is a somatic-focused (as opposed to performance-based) practice of high intensity chakra release through intervals driven by the beat. This is a yoga built upon myofascial healing principles, emphasizing footwork, proprioceptive musicality + primal dance, and shadowboxing. This is an hour-long class. Intensity Level: 5/5

How long have you been practicing? 20 years.

Interesting fact about yourself: Despite it all, I have no desire to be known, only felt :).

“What you do to the web you do to yourself and what you do to yourself you do to the web” – Chief Seattle