Leah McQuade

Leah McQuade has a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy with a specialty in women’s health. She holds numerous certifications in shamanic studies and various modern and traditional yoga styles. Leah is able to blend her unique experiences, knowledge, and skill to guide women in finding, harnessing, and releasing negative energy so women everywhere can come back to the true essence of what it means to embody the Goddess and step fully into their sovereignty as a wild and free woman. 

She believes women everywhere deserve to have the the life they crave and the relationships and life of their dreams. Leah has a passion for helping women transform their lives. She loves guiding women to gain the confidence they need to step fully into their feminine wisdom and power.   

Through group and one on one mentorships and virtual healing sessions, Leah inspires women around the world to find the strength, and courage to begin their own healing journey. It’s in the healing of the wounds and pains of our past that we can shine our light, find our own unique voice, and live our most vibrant lives.

Leah is a soul-preneur, traveling junkie, activist, and outdoor enthusiast. She’s currently traveling North America with her husband in a 25-foot RV and loving every minute of it. 

You can find Leah at LeahMcQuade.com,  leahmcquade1 on Instagram, or LeahMcQuade on Facebook.

Website: leahmcquade.com/

Social Media: IG: @leahmcquade1 FB: @leah.mcquade1

Class Offering: Wild Woman Yoga

Wild woman yoga is a dynamic movement practice and women’s circle that encourages freedom, healing, expression, and connection. Wild Woman Yoga brings women from all walks of life together for the opportunity to be witnessed in their wholeness.

The yoga practice blends traditional vinyasa yoga, kundalini kriyas, pranayama, meditation, primal dance, and specially developed sensual movements with an emphasis on developing the pelvic floor and core strength.

Wild Woman Yoga is designed to help women find connection to their voice, embody their sensuality, and remove what’s in the way of fully stepping into their sovereignty. 

Wild Woman Yoga grew from my desire to feel seen, heard, and felt and to feel liberated and free in my own body.

For thousands of years women have been told our bodies and voices don’t matter. We’ve been told how we should dress, what we should and shouldn’t say, and how we’re suppose to behave. Finding our inner wild through yoga is about liberating ourselves from the chains placed on us by society and culture.

We break free of what we’re told we should be so we can become who we’re meant to be. The wild woman is sexy, liberated, confident, strong, and intuitive. She knows who she is and isn’t afraid to express her truth. She’s the ultimate embodiment of the feminine inhabiting the qualities of the divine, including gentleness, compassion, and love while at the same time holding steady to her own needs and the needs of the collective. She is a fierce mother, sister, friend, and lover.

When the wild woman is unleashed, the structures keeping us shackled begin to topple. Relationships are equal, children are fed, wars end, corrupt governments cave, and the world transforms.The world is a better place when we unleash the wild woman!

How long have you been practicing? 15 years.

Interesting fact about yourself: I’ve traveled to almost 40 countries and love ceremonial grade Matcha!

“You Are Not a Drop in the Ocean. You Are the Entire Ocean in a Drop.”

– Rumi