Lauren Laudani

Lauren Laudani, ERYT500, has been a dedicated and passionate yoga practitioner since 2009, initially to help manage the difficulties associated with her rheumatoid arthritis. Embracing both the mental and physical benefits of a consistent practice, yoga has now become a meaningful part of her daily life. Adventurous by nature, Lauren brings a lighthearted and playful energy to the practice, encouraging laughter and play. Be ready for an experience that will be both challenging and rewarding – body, mind, and soul 🙂

My mission is to inspire others to live their truest and most authentic lives by fully living inside my own.
It’s never too late to BEGIN AGAIN.


Social Media: IG: @laurenlivinyoga

Class Offering One: Tilt the Scales: Balance and Flow

This session is geared toward building strength and stamina in standing balance poses, allowing for a more spacially aware yoga practice. First, we will take a “hands off” approach as we move through a series of standing balance poses, bringing keen insight to the use of feet and hands. Develop the confidence and mental endurance necessary to hold the postures and feel where you are in space, leading toward head and forearm balancing.

Appropriate for all levels of yogis interested in developing a more intimate connection to their practice.
Flow and move along to the cool sounds of DJ Stphn_B as we move and flow together!

Class Offering Two: POST TT: The Power of Themes

Discover how using themes and personal messages in your yoga classes can take a class past “asana” and into a moving meditation.

A strong, authentic message becomes the “heart” of the yoga practice. Our humanity connects us all, and a well-placed theme provides that ultimate connection. First to ourselves, then to each other, and ultimately to the universe.

We will discuss where to begin, how to properly place authentic ideas into a flow, and how to incorporate the theme into the actual asana itself.

All YTT grads welcome!

How long have you been practicing? 13 years.

Interesting fact about yourself: Speaks Italian and NYC native (born and raised)!

“The More You Know Who You Are and What You Want, the Less You Let Things Upset You.”