Kelli Harrington & Sam Gach

Kelli Harrington, owner of Red Yoga is energetic, fun, disciplined, straightforward, and her classes reflect this. She has been influenced by her teachers; Bryan and Johnny Kest, and Cameron Shayne. Kelli’s love of reading and obscure music are integrated into her powerful, playful and heartfelt teaching style. She has been teaching and practicing yoga because it makes her feel good and allows her to eat more french fries and pasta. Her favorite place is anywhere people are gathered to sweat, breathe and break boundaries together.

Sam Gach first came to yoga for nothing more than a fun workout, with no idea what an impact it would have on his life. He quickly fell in love with the physical practice, but it was the benefits to his mental health that kept him coming back. Over time, he has enjoyed the process of working toward more advanced poses and transitions and learning to work through the bumps along the way. He loves practicing inversions and learning to be aware and in control of the body. After five years of consistent practice, he decided to enroll in yoga teacher training to dive deeper into his practice, and in the process, found a love for teaching. Join him in class to get stronger and sweatier together.

Class Offerings: Budokon & Mobility 

This workshop will explore the art of transitions and movement in a fun, playful way. Budokon yoga is designed to improve mobility, agility, flexibility, and strength, with an emphasis on the transitions from posture to posture rather than the holding of postures. In this class we will explore fun ways to connect poses, move like animals, and work on inversions from a playful approach. All levels are welcomed. Be playful, have fun, and explore your animal spirit!