Kate Makroff

Kate Makaroff is a senior yoga teacher and has been a leading force in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years.

Kate’s passion for yoga, meditation and helping others has recently landed her the new owner of Yoga Planet Studio in Rochester Hills, MI.

With her extensive training and seasoned knowledge of yoga, meditation, reiki, and aesthetics, Kate delivers yoga classes that are warm, inviting, and exploratory. Her classes are mindfully sequenced with an emphasis on remaining connected to your breath, being playful, open and present.

Kate’s classes are ideal for students of all levels and yoga experiences, you will leave her classes feeling rejuvenated, peaceful and grounded

Class Offerings: Down with Drishti

Drishti; or focused gaze, is a means for developing concentrated intention. It relates to the fifth limb of yoga (pratyahara) concerning withdrawal, as well as the sixth limb Dharana relating to concentration.

Are you down with Drishti? 

Have you ever heard a teacher mention focusing your awareness on your dhristi, and having no idea what that means?

or knowing what it means but never really taking the time to investigate how it can truly benefit your yoga and meditation practice?

In this workshop we will get down with our christi and explore how it can be used durning asana and meditation as a tool to find a deeper sense of connection to ourselves and our body. Discovering new ways to unearth the stillness and peace that lies within. 
Learn how to turn your yoga practice in to moving mediation by practicing drishti durning asana practice, and then we will use those same tools of focused gaze to take us even deeper during meditation.