Kara Baruzzini

Owner at Sangha Experience, Lead Teacher at Center For Yoga, Michigan native, Kara Baruzzini, is a Lululemon Ambassador, Entrepreneur, International Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 200), and Certified AcroYoga International Teacher. Her AcroYoga journey began in 2013 after being inspired by a youtube video. She turned to the powers of Google and located a small Meetup group called AcroYoga Ann Arbor where she got her start learning humbling skills and simple transitions. She has since committed to a weekly practice, traveled Europe street performing, and landed countless opportunities performing at festivals from Electric Forest to Arts Beats and Eats. During the summer of 2017, she completed an AcroYoga International Teacher Training in Berlin, Germany lead by Jason Nemer, the creator of AcroYoga, making her the first certified female and flyer teacher in the state of Michigan.¬†Today she specializes in teaching everything from complete beginners to advanced skills such as whips and hand to hands. She has since taught AcroYoga locally and worldwide from Berlin AcroYoga Festival, to Barefoot and Free Festival. She falls in love with watching her students break past the limitations of their mind and finds joy in inviting playfulness into people’s lives.

Class Offerings: The Ripple Effect: A Workshop on Human Connection

A workshop on human connection.

The Chaos Theory is a branch of mathematics that says that where one things ends, another thing begins. Where I end, the atmosphere begins, and where the atmosphere ends you begin. So in this way, we are all connected.

It says that when you move the entire universe moves in your favor.

Explore your impact. On yourself & on others. When paths cross, when two people collide, when you leave a party five minutes early, or show up five minutes late.. The entire universe shifts. Every action spreads out incrementally.

Ninety minutes of yoga flowing, meditation, conversations, and integrating it all through exercises on human connection that will leave you prepared to be the ripple that starts a wave.