Jo Feltman

Jo Feltman the founder of Buchuvida Wellness and Lifestyle. In 2020 she received her Patent on her natural deodorant, her Trademark and her Yoga Faith certification. Jo studies and certifications include her Yoga Faith certification, Formula Botanica Course, Harvard EDX – Christianity Through It’s Scriptures and RZIM Academy of Why Suffering? Jo and her husband Phil just purchased their first brick & mortar to sell their natural products. She says, her purpose is to help others naturally with not only with her natural products but also with using teas to promote a healthy lifestyle.


Social Media: @BuchuVida

Class Offerings: Speaker

How many people have heard I can’t do yoga it is way too difficult? There are many disabled and non-disabled people who say this not knowing they can benefit from yoga. Well, I am one of those people because I have medical issues and I overcame those fears and I am now a Yoga Faith instructor. I want to talk to you about my journey and how I was able to turn around this misconception and how it has worked for me.

How long have you been practicing? 1 year.

Interesting fact about yourself: Created a Patented Natural Deodorant.

“With God all things are possible.” – Matthew 19:26