Jenna Ratliff

Hello Friends!  I am an RYT200 certified instructor through Lee Ann Louise-Prescott in Brighton Michigan.  Yoga found me after my second child was born.  From the very first class I was hooked.  I have always been an introvert and struggled with public speaking.  Despite this, I felt called to become an instructor and share with my community.  When I come into a class, I feel completely safe and all my inhibitions fall away.  Sharing with my community is my duty.  My favorite place to practice yoga is outside with my children.  I am a wife, a mother of 2 amazing kids, and a self-made homesteader.  My family lives on 5 acres with the goal of growing our own food for one year.  Homesteading is the way to sustain our future on mother earth and educating our youth on growing and storing food is one of my passions. 

I offer outdoor community yoga to get people disconnected from technology and reconnected with nature.  We explore the forest, finding something we didn’t know was there, with no destination in mind.  Afterwards, feeling less stress and anxiety, and more peace filled.  Slowing the pace, focusing the mind, and feeling united with our fellow yogis.

Class Offerings: Yoga Chikitsa for Kids | Ages 4-12

In this kid’s yoga, we will act out our favorite books using traditional yoga poses.  Together singing pirate songs, telling mermaid tales, and acting out high seas adventures.   Using the power of imagination as a fun introduction to yoga, your child will be left with a positive first impression.  We will also spend time weaving mindfulness into our stories as well as yogic breathing.  Join us as we play pretend and laugh together!  No experience necessary, please bring a yoga mat or towel for your child.

eld acknowledging each of the primary 7 Chakras. While you are in your pose we will discuss each Chakra: Colors, emotions, foods & explain how to know if it’s deficient or overactive.