Hannah Jurcich

Hannah is a student midwife, herbalist and yoga instructor. She brings a heart song for the cycles of life and all things in motion. She believes in the wild feminine that is within all of us. The seasons, the water, the moon and the menstrual cycle all have wisdom that is ours for the taking. She has come to pass the message along and revisit the remembering.

Class Offerings: Living in Rhythmic Flow

Class will flow through meditation, conversation, and movement. We have many tools available to us: food, medicine, movement, ritual, ceremony, why not let the energy around us guide our decisions? Through conscious choice in our daily lives we can sync more deeply into the rhythm that surrounds. This knowledge is wired within all of our cells and is being called to wake from generations of slumber. Join the conversation, the movement, the breath of the memory and come home to where it all began. Find the natural rhythm rooted deep in the DNA.