Fortune 500

Willie (Fortune 500), local boxer, celebrity trainer, and creator of Boyo. Born in raised in Detroit has become a mogul and fitness leader in the city over the past 9 years fortune has co founded Jabsgym one of the cities hottest boxing training gyms. Not just for fighters but for life champions.


Social Media: @JabsGym_bham

Class Offering: Boyo

Boyo is Boxing’s Yoga. Join us as we take you threw the best boxing workout building up flows one punch at a time to maximize all levels of fitness. Boyo is the newest workout balancing the teaching component of boxing punches, combined with yoga restorative poses and aerobic hit cardio moves to work your body, mind and soul in to a Champion’s shape. Using your body to achieve greatness.

How long have you been practicing? 10 years.

Interesting fact about yourself: Fortune is a professional boxer with a 22/2 record. Has been awarded serval outstanding awards for his out side the box thinking and his great mentoring programs for the youth. Making Life Champions has become one of my favorite accomplishments

“You’ve Got What it Takes, But it will Take Everything You Got!”