Deniz Strenski

My name is Deniz Strenski, I am a facilitator of healing through illuminating what is imbalanced and also illuminating your authentic beautiful self. I have practiced shamanic work, Goddess activation, cranial sacral work, herbology, homeopathy, & somatic healing. I teach a chakra seminar of direct experience is called PEACE CHAKRA YOGA. I am a yoga instructor at studios as well as teaching in private settings.

Class Offerings:

Awaken/Goddess Activation Through the Chakra System

A journey into the Goddess seeds planted by your Goddess Tribe on this continuum through time and space. This blueprint activation becomes the awakened bridge to your Divine clarity and an inner ruder to life here on Earth. Your activated Goddess becomes more available to assist you on your path. Male or Female these seeds are in us and incubating! We will be using cancellation headsets that can increase this experience to the next level! I am honored to facilitate this and support each one of you in Love and Light. XO Deniz