Danni Pomplun

We all have our own stories. Mine has some twists and turns through a tough childhood and young adult years blurred by frustration, drugs, alcohol, and a near-death brush with cancer, and I credit yoga with helping me to become healthy and opening my eyes to a world of positive opportunities. I’m truly grateful to now be able to share what I’ve learned with others, whether it’s on the mat in my home base of San Francisco, in another location for an immersion or workshop, or through my online yoga platform.

Each class with me has a beat, a vibration, and a pulse. I hand-select each of the songs for my classes, as music can help us deepen our yoga experience. Find your rhythm and connect to your truth.

Exhale the bullshit. –Me

Workshops: Beats & Bhakti + Step Into Greatness + Houston, We Have Lift-Off!

Beats + Bhakti: Join Danni for a soulful, devotional vinyasa flow with a twist. We’ll chant, we’ll sing, and we’ll move our bodies to the sound of deep, bass beats. Since bhakti is yoga of love and devotion, we’ll dedicate our practice to someone that means a lot to us, while moving mindfully and with intention. This practice will not only benefit ourselves, but those around us with whom we interact with.

Find the Fun, Fight the Fear: An Inversion Experience: Face your fears, and learn proper alignment to fly. Let yourself go in this workshop that is guaranteed to get the core working and the adrenaline pumping. After a warm-up practice, the class will break down the basics of handstand and crow — the major gateways to an inversion practice. After a solid exploration of these shapes, there will be time to explore other arm balances, inversions, and flows. We will also cover strategies for understanding and overcoming fear.  This class will challenge your resolve and allow you to fully explore the amazing possibilities in your practice. You’ll leave this class with a video and info sheet to practice at home.

Business Of Yoga: The Modern Day Hustle: It can be overwhelming to figure out how to get into a studio to expand your teaching offerings and to effectively market yourself as both a teacher to grow your brand. In this training, we will address how to stay authentically you, how to make it as a teacher in this growing & evolving industry all while keeping the inspiration real for your students (and yourself) too.

Teachers will learn to:

  • Define your unique strengths and strategies to build a yoga business

  • Leverage teaching opportunities: studio, corporates, privates and online

  • Boost your brand & unlock revenue opportunities

  • Acquire your ideal customer in the digital world – email marketing, social media outreach, etc.

  • Develop your personal brand: own your authentic image (on film, in photos and on social media)

  • Travel to lead specialty workshops and trainings at studios and festivals

  • Kickstart Your Business Now: Step into Action

August 16-18, 2019 | Proud Lake, Michigan