Danni Pomplun

We all have our own stories. Mine has some twists and turns through a tough childhood and young adult years blurred by frustration, drugs, alcohol, and a near-death brush with cancer, and I credit yoga with helping me to become healthy and opening my eyes to a world of positive opportunities. I’m truly grateful to now be able to share what I’ve learned with others, whether it’s on the mat in my home base of San Francisco, in another location for an immersion or workshop, or through my online yoga platform.

Each class with me has a beat, a vibration, and a pulse. I hand-select each of the songs for my classes, as music can help us deepen our yoga experience. Find your rhythm and connect to your truth.

Exhale the bullshit. –Me

Workshops: Beats & Bhakti + Step Into Greatness + Houston, We Have Lift-Off!

Beats + Bhakti: Join Danni for a soulful, devotional vinyasa flow with a twist. We’ll chant, we’ll sing, and we’ll move our bodies to the sound of deep, bass beats. Since bhakti is yoga of love and devotion, we’ll dedicate our practice to someone that means a lot to us, while moving mindfully and with intention. This practice will not only benefit ourselves, but those around us with whom we interact with.

Step Into Greatness: Offer up your intention, your dedication and motivation.  How can this yoga practice serve your life and help you step in, step up and crush whatever it is that you came here to be? Together, Danni will help you delve deep through a guided meditation, asana practice, some bad jokes along the way to help you truly step into your greatness.
Regardless of what your life LOOKS LIKE we’ve all got a potential that is much greater than anything we’ve ever imagined. Together let’s work through our greatest fears and step into our strength. Because this life is ours.

Houston, We Have Lift-Off!: Arm balance workshop focusing on the transitions from one to the next. You may know the arm balances…but do you know how to move with grace and ease? Challenge yourself before, during, and after lift-off.

August 16-18, 2019 | Proud Lake, Michigan