Courtney Welch

Courtney Welch has been teaching Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) and SUP Yoga since 2014. She experienced SUP for the first time in 2012 on the Detroit River and fell in love with the challenge of paddling and SUP Yoga, the beauty of paddling different lakes and the peace it brings when life doesn’t go the way we planned it. Courtney is a PaddleFit Level 2 instructor, certified yoga teacher and Certified Co-Active Coach (CPCC). She founded Inspired By Movement in 2012 and loves to create opportunities that empower people to get out of their comfort zones and help people slow down enough to encourage them to move from their heads to their hearts. She can be found on Instagram at @inspiredbymovement

Class Offerings: 

SUP Yoga Play

This class will bring in that child-like wonder of bringing your practice to the water. We will make sure to have some play time so if there is a pose that you’ve always wanted to try on your board, you’ll have time. 

Easing In to SUP Yoga

This class is great place to start for your first time on a paddle board or SUP Yoga. We will work on building a foundation of seated poses to build confidence and connect breath to movement. 

SUP, Sunshine & Yin

This class will embrace the serenity of being in nature, slowing down to listen to your body and hold poses for a longer period of time.