Chelsea MacLeod Schultz

When Chelsea was 4 years old, without knowing what “psychic” was, she drew the exact house her parents would buy a year later before they ever saw it.

On September 11, 2001, she got her first period and started seeing someone darker than the dark standing in her doorway– opening a world to the ghosts, Archangels, God and grief she’d people other connect to.

Now Chelsea is a Psychic Portrait Artist, helping families reconnect with their passed loved ones through a legacy memorial portrait, messages from the other side and time-collapsing meditation.

She also works as a Psychic Meditation Guide to former founders and C-suite executives that want to reconnect with wonder, artistry, beauty and their natural psychic abilities.

Chelsea’s clients have permanently healed their chronic pain, had telepathic communication with their passed best friend, chosen investments that returned 41% in 1 year because of meditation, seen Archangels, auras and their past lives, and broken generational patterns of depression, anxiety and abuse.


Social Media: IG: @chelseamschultz  FB: @chelseamschultz  Clubhouse: @chelseamschultz

Class Offering One: Psychic Sensing for Your Soul (Chakra SpeakTM Meditation)

Your emotions are psychic information about your past, present and future on the planet.

Come meditate to listen into the soul mission you have in this lifetime using the best spiritual tool in the world– your body!

All of time is happening now in the body, and your body knows what your mind doesn’t.

We’ll spend time listening, talking about and revealing the next steps of a life that feels the most like you through being present to the information of your body sensations, emotions and thoughts.

How long have you been practicing? 20 years.

Interesting fact about yourself: gave my first mediumship message to the 16 year old boy I’m dating when his family’s house in Hamtramck, MI, “talks” to me. The house is animated as the spirit of a very particular, protective and tidy old woman. He is dumbfounded at my description— “That’s my great aunt— she died 3 years ago. How did you know this was her house?”

When No One Understands What You’re Doing, You’re onto Something Really Good.

– Dad