Carly Feldmeier

Carly is a local forager, herbalist and holistic nutritionist from the St. Joseph area, passionate about connecting folks with the healing power of Nature!


Social Media: IG: nurturing_through_nature_

Class Offering: Summer Herb Walk

Have you ever been curious about identifying wild medicinal herbs? There is no better time than Spring to begin your journey about foraging!

We will begin our journey chatting about foraging basics, considerations to have before starting this practice and how to forage with respect to plants and Nature. We’ll then take a hike through the forest and chat about plants we come across, identification techniques, when they are best to harvest, how to harvest them sustainably and different medicines to be made with them.

How long have you been practicing? 4 years.

Interesting fact about yourself: I drink more tea than anyone you have ever met, I guarantee it.

What is a Weed? A Plant Whose Virtues Have Not Yet Been Discovered.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson