Candice Lamarand

Candice is a certified yoga instructor with an Ashtanga foundation. Recognizing the strength of mind and body that stemmed from her own yoga practice, nothing could have prepared her for the joy she feels when teaching others and the cycle of inspiration that comes from it. She’s grateful for the journey of teaching and learning from her students and fellow yogis. An all-ages instructor, Candice teaches adults, moms-to-be, and kids. She adores teaching yoga to children because of their willingness to learn, have fun and be their authentic selves.

Class Offerings: Yoga for Kids Ages 4-7, Yoga for Kids Ages 8-12

Yoga for Kids Ages 4-7 your little ones can explore the world of yoga through a series of fun, beginner-level yoga. 

Yoga for Kids Ages 8-12 whether your child child is new to yoga or has practiced before, this fun, beginner-level workshop will help them learn and grow in the art of yoga.