Randie Bowler & Darcel Hawkins

Darcel and I both received our certification at ethos yoga in Holly Michigan and have collectively been practicing for over 12 years. We share a deep love for all things movement! With Darcel’s formal training in the use of ceremonial grade cacao, paired with my passion for fluid flowing vinyasa and ceremony, cacao and creative movement was born. Ceremonial cacao is an invitation to dive deeply into the parts of self that usually remain hidden. Paired with movement, layer by layer breath by breath we peel away at rigid spaces that prevent a clear vision of soul. Guiding students along this journey is our most precious of callings.

Class Offerings: Cacao & Creative Movement

Join us for a 90 minute exploration of those hidden soul spaces. Through cacao and creative vinyasa movement we will lean in, dive deep and let go. Cacao is the invitation. Movement is the portal. Take our hand and step in. We will begin with a heart opening cacao ceremony, followed by one hour of vinyasa and tribal progressions, sealing it in with mediation and reflection.