Becca Cutright

Yoga entered my life, as something physical, fun, challenging to do. Then Yoga became my life, permeating my daily life off of the mat, changing how I think, feel, react. Forrest Yoga is where I truly fell in love with the practice, though, where I saw the real potential of a Yoga practice. This style of Yoga provides you with a way of life – not a handbook that has all the answers, but a guidebook to help you find the answers and, most importantly, to find yourself. I feel this is my job as a Yoga instructor: use a challenging, introspective practice to guide you through your internal wilderness to heal and connect to Self.

Class Offerings: Forrest Yoga

Breath. Strength. Integrity. Spirit. Go Deeper. (the pillars of Forrest Yoga)

Experience the magic of Forrest Yoga: a healing practice designed to address the needs of living a modern life. Named after the internationally renowned creatrix Ana Forrest, this style of practice is a truly unique and powerful way to develop a rich awareness of self. Forrest Yoga focuses on deep healing, growth of both the physical and emotional bodies, and connection to Spirit. It is a strong yet slower-paced practice that encourages you to feel deeply into your body by pairing an intimate connection to your breath with extended holds of poses. The challenging and intelligent sequencing cultivates a balance of strength and flexibility, the abdominal exercises connect you to your core, and the sustained holds of each pose allow for nuanced observation of your body. We will open the practice with ceremony (sage smudging, calling the Four Directions, drumming, and Native American songs) before moving on to pranayama and a satisfyingly sweaty Forrest Yoga asana practice. Throughout the empowering experience of Forrest Yoga, expect to FEEL as you create more space in your body and your mind.

I will be co-teaching this workshop with Sarah Nelson. This means there will be double the hands on assists!