Barbra White

Barbra White best selling author, transpersonal therapist with eco psychology focus. Self Acceptance Process creator and sister in Divine Feminine Shamans. Over 40,000 hours of experience. Co founder of Mother Bear Sanctuary and Retreat Center. Barbra is passionate about restoring our connections to our bodies, each other and the Earth.


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Class Offerings: Chi-Cong. Radical Self Acceptance. Nature and animal communication

Chi Cong and Affirmation—Wake up your energy and Soul purpose! Chi Cong are gentle movements to move energy (chi) Heart opening, increase health and calm the mind Radical Self Acceptance- You are more amazing than you think! Inspiration, tools and practices to love all parts of you, let go and relax into your innate worth. Individual and partner practices Nature and Animal Communication- Connect to your body, each other and the Earth. Learn to hear clearer the voice of the Earth and natural world. How can you make a difference in big agriculture crisis? Practices, and inspiration!

How long have you been practicing? 21 years.

Interesting fact about yourself: I use my psychic energy to connect people to themselves, and the Earth never to tell the future or take someone’s power. We all have a direct connection. I more interested in people re-remembering this.

“Surrender to the “You” that Is Already Here. Let go the ever celebrating Presence It awaits your invitation.”