Aparna Khanolkar

Aparna is an author and ambassador for Yoga Gives Back, and the creator of Ishvari—a small-batch organic Ayurvedic body-care product line. In her work as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor, Aparna guides people through the experience of embodying Ayurvedic principles in a practical way with mantra, meditation, food and spiritual processes to create balance, harmony and joy from within. Aparna co-leads an annual spiritual retreat to India and believes each person can thrive and live with passion, intensity and full engagement with life when they care deeply about their physical, mental and energetic well-being.

Class Offerings: Family Kirtan: Mantra as Lullaby

Soulful mantra/chanting will calm your senses, cleanse your chakras, and bring peace to you and your baby.