Anne Moss

Anne found her passion for bellydance in 2001 and after completing the Arabesque pro course in 2006 she taught Egyptian style bellydance for 3 years in Canada. In addition to studying bharatnatyam for 3 years, she continued taking classes in South Korea and Taiwan as well as attending numerous workshops. She has placed in multiple international competitions and has performed in 12 countries. From practicing and performing bellydance for more than a decade, Anne was exposed to and incorporated yoga and many of its elements from and into her dance classes. It wasn’t until about 6 years ago that she took up a serious practice in Taiwan. She received her 200-hour Hatha & Vinyasa yoga teacher training certification in Goa in October 2014. Since then, she has taught kids yoga classes in Taiwan, adult classes 2015-2016 in Singapore and Bellyfit & Bellyfit Flow classes in both Taipei and Singapore. She currently teaches bellydance and the Bellyfit formats in Port Huron, Michigan. She holds certification in Bellydance from The Korean Bellydance Association, Group Exercise Leadership from the American Council on Exercise, Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga from Yoga alliance and 3 Bellyfit® Teacher Certifications from Bellyfit® International.

Class Offerings: Bellyfit Flow

With this powerful, choreographed fusion of flowing, feminine, hip centered movement, you’ll finally get to experience a Yoga class that is truly designed for the unique needs of the female body. Delivered from a solid, fitness foundation ~ spiced up with the magic of dance and united seamlessly with Vinyasa Flow ~ you can expect all the signature elements that Bellyfit® offers, now 100% on the mat, with a focus on strength and flexibility rather than cardiovascular endurance and coordination. Add an incredible soundtrack and you’ve got a unique and powerful practice designed to uplift and energize on all levels. And yes, you will burn ~ in the best way possible.