Ann Fancy

Ann has been teaching yoga while bantering on the meaning of life for the last 14+ years. Her style of yoga teaching is conscious and alignment based. Alignment that transcends the simplicity of a conscious body. She speaks to the deeper alignment of living in line with your souls purpose, the challenges of getting out of your own way and her own personal journey on the path of growth. 

She has a no-nonsense approach and asks you to show up for yourself first. After tens of thousands of hours teaching she has developed a strong voice when inviting you to explore your own truth amidst the discomfort of living an authentic life. Over time Ann has found her way into larger audiences outside of yoga, helping others step into their power and find their way back to themselves. Further, her mission to help others wake up and stay awake, conscious and engaged within the school of life.

Her motto: Be unapologetically you. 

Ann would tell you she has been on the journey of self-discovery since day 1. She came into the world sensitive and awake and has spent much of her life learning how to manage her sensitivity in a busy and chaotic world. She speaks openly about her own struggles with anxiety and depression from a very young age and how it has shaped her life up til now. 

Ann lives with her wife Gina, their 7 year old daughter and their 6 fur babies, four cats, and two dogs in the liberal ‘burbs of Detroit.

Class Offerings: Illuminated & Aligned : Yoga & Shamanic Journey

Ann Fancy and Lori Lipten will offer a collaborative class that will serve to invigorate the body through asana and inspiration. You will be lead through asana to awaken and expand your energy field, invigorate your body and encourage you to fully embody your power and intuition. 

Yoga asana will be followed by a guided shamanic journey to further illuminate your energy field, activate your inner healer, and awaken your inspired heart.

To learn more about Ann and to listen to her podcast  ‘Becoming’, please visit

August 7-9, 2020 | Proud Lake, Michigan