Amanda Lemming

Crippled by severe social anxiety, plagued by depression, saved by yoga. While the physical practice has become less and less important over the years, the profound impact of emotional and intellectual control continue to develop in my life. It is from these skills I continue to take steps forward in life, and become unaffected for the times a step back is required.

Social Media: @ayvonne_yoga

Class Offerings: Ashtanga: Unplugged

While you may know the traditions of the Ashtanga practice, it’s guaranteed you’ve never known it like this. Perhaps you’ve attended a class that felt impersonal, demanding, or repetitive. Perhaps you feel unchallenged and bored of the same old routine. This is where Ashtanga: Unplugged is different. With attention to details you never knew existed, this class is guaranteed to change the way you think about a traditional practice. The approach to familiar postures, anatomy, drishti, bandhas, ujjayi, and more, all with added context, detail, metaphor, and most importantly, personalization. Together, we will approach a familiar practice and revitalize it, while discovering value and richness far more subterraneous than pose deep.

How long have you been practicing? 8 years.

Interesting fact about yourself: If I’m leaving the house, I intentionally wear mismatched clothes. Shallow, judgmental people avoid you, kind and eccentric people flock to you. Every friend I have met me thinking I’d let a toddler dress me.

“Not one of us would choose to be Sisyphus; yet in a sense, we all are.” – Joko Beck