Aaron Eschenburg & Aaron Sudo

Aaron and Aaron, Dos Coyotes, have been working together and studying energetic healing since 2004. Starting with reiki, breath and vibrational healing, our holistic path crossed shamanic plant medicines in 2015 and we are happy to bring these medicines up from the jungle to share with our friends.


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Class Offering: Sananga/Rape Sound Bath

Sananga is an Amazonian plant that is used to create powerful eye drops that have a healing affect that’s more energetic than physical, and that has the capacity to increase spiritual insight in the minds of those who use it.

Rape, prounounced “ha-peh”, is an Amazonian Tobacco Snuff that has been used for thousands of years. Nicotiana Rustica, a different type of tobacco than found in cigarettes, mixed with other healing plants and herbs from the jungle, created for ceremonial use, it will ground the body and open the mind and heart.

We will partake in these plant medicines and continue to move our energetic field into a sound bath with large crystal singing bowls, voice, drums, gongs and other instruments for a unique and powerful healing experience.

How long have you been practicing? 17 years.

Interesting fact about yourself: We met working at a restaurant, went to the same holistic college and used to be in an experimental rock band called Kundalini Rising in the early 2000’s.

Whether You Think You Can or Think You Can’t, You Are Right.