Yoga & Practice Workshops

We are so excited to have so many incredible instructors leading us in yoga and movement practices this summer. Check out all of the incredible offerings below and get your tickets today!

Budokon and Breathwork: The Bridge of Yang and Yin

Join Alexandra Sheth for an invigorating movement experience of yin and yang through Breathwork and Budokon. Combining a blend of vinyasa yoga, martial arts, and animal locomotion with an ending series of Breathwork you are invited to a challenging, playful, and invigorating community experience. With an emphasis on transitions, every body will experience states of strength, mobility, play and agency to redirect through transitions to both self and world.

As a Certified Breathwork, Budokon, and Yoga Practitioner, Alexandra is sincerely passionate and driven to offer authentic connection experiences through community engagement.

All classes are inclusive to every body.

Alexandra Sheth

In 2011, Alexandra discovered the practice of Yoga. What began as a movement journey evolved into a personal passion and lifestyle. After receiving her YTT Certification in 2016, she began teaching studio classes in hometown Ann Arbor. In 2020, she founded Sheth Studios, LLC in this same town.

Diversified as a Certified Breathwork and Budokon Practitioner, her classes are nuanced and offer new spaces of exploration. Today she teaches Private Programs and Wellness Events with a core emphasis on breathwork, somatic experiencing, and functional movement tools to support emotional and relational health.

Driven by a passion and background in Neuroscience and Public Health from The University of Michigan, her mission is to support through trauma-informed lens and provide individual and communal access to trauma-informed, somatic-based mental health, and nervous system regulation tools. Within this “work” she is guided by the personal pillars of exploration, curiosity, creativity, consciousness, and play!

Rooted in eastern tradition while rising into western applications her classes are accessible, inclusive, and encouraging to all ages, races, and populations.

Sweet & Spicy Flow with Blocks

Join Alice in a creative “Yinyasa” (Yin + Vinyasa) style class with yoga blocks. We’ll explore how these props help us to build heat and also surrender into sweetness. In this spicy and sweet class, yoga blocks will be incorporated in two ways: to strengthen the body in empowering flows and promote peaceful expansion through yin poses and self-massage. BYO Blocks or borrow those provided.

Alice Lucas

Alice Lucas is a creative and compassionate yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner. She is a lover of inversions, sunsets, and wildflowers. Join Alice in “Yogaland”, as she helps people to tap into the light of growth and healing that exists within.

Soulful Vinyasa with Yoga Nidra

A soulful Vinyasa slow followed by a deeply relaxing and grounding Yoga Nidra practice. This class will leave students fully balanced, relaxed and ready to continue the day. Great for beginners and experienced students a like.

Allison Muszynski

I am a level 500 RYT and RPYT through Yoga Alliance; I have been teaching for 2.5 years; specializing in trauma informed teaching practices. Including guided meditation, reiki and yoga nidra. My mission with Nataraja Detroit Yoga & Ayurveda and as an Instructor is to provide my students with an accessible and welcoming community where everyone can share their love of Yoga and Wellness. By providing inclusive and adaptable classes for practitioners of all levels and education on how to live happy, healthy and mindful.

Intro to Acro Yoga

Learn the basics of partner acrobatic yoga. This workshop will cover the three essential roles of acro yoga – flying, basing and safe spotting with several beginner skills. Acro yoga is a great way to improve strength, balance, communication skills, build connections and have fun in the process! No previous experience is needed.

Andy Klacza

I’ve been teaching yoga for more than five years and I love sharing my passion for the practice and inspiring people to be the best version of themselves. In addition to teaching, I’ve been practicing acro yoga for more than three years and it’s become a weekly practice that has helped me find strength, joy, confidence and friendship. I love introducing acro yoga to people for the first time and seeing the joy that it brings into their lives! I’m looking forward to seeing you at Barefoot!

Eccentric Strength Flow

Bring a new level of awareness and strength to your practice through eccentric engagement. You will be led through a dynamic flow that focuses on this technique that can increase overall mobility and prevent over-stretch injuries. Experience the movements and shapes you already know and love in a new way during this Vinyasa style practice!

Audrey Jansen

In her classes, Audrey, E-RYT 200, RYT 500, strives to provide a loving space to heal and feel and be while building strength and flexibility in the physical body. She found yoga in 2011 and fell in love. In March of 2018, Audrey received her 200 hour yoga teacher certification and shortly after, discovered the joy of sharing yoga with others. In 2021, she completed her 300 hour advanced yoga teacher training with Jason Crandell in addition to teaching her 1,000th hour of yoga. She currently lives and shares yoga in Laramie, Wyoming where she owns and manages Seek Yoga Studio.

Partner Yoga +

Yoga teaches us to turn inward to cultivate awareness, acceptance, and self-love. It may seem counter-intuitive, then, that practicing with a partner can help yogis reach new levels of depth within themselves.

This class explores connectedness through a sequence of gentle partner postures followed by giving and receiving a Thai-inspired massage. We work together with our partners to create a safe place that allows us to be vulnerable and to practice awareness and compassion as a “we”. That, combined with the magical power of touch, sets the stage for a transcendent spiritual experience.

Teisha Rafko

Teisha Rafko is a yoga and meditation teacher whose passion is to share the gift of slowing down. Teisha offers students infinite ways to enhance awareness, strength, and flexibility while cultivating inner peace. Her compassionate and soothing methods facilitate self-healing from physical and emotional traumas. Students of all levels, ages, and abilities will feel renewed and restored in any of Teisha’s classes: Slow Flow, Yin, Restorative Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, Reiki, and Partner Yoga. Teisha is a strong believer in the healing power of touch, and offers expert hands-on assists to students who desire them.

Teisha’s qualifications include RYT 200 and training in multiple healing sciences including Wholistic Manual Medicine (WMMT).

Brett Grachek

Brett Grachek believes that a life-changing yoga journey awaits every person. Brett helps students cultivate peace and security so that their heart may be their guide. His signature class combines Partner Yoga with the exchange of Thai massage to cultivate connection to oneself through connection to others.

Brett is RYT 200, and holds certifications for Stand-up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga as well as Acro Yoga. He has also been trained in Thai Massage.

Trauma-Sensitive Somatics

The trauma sensitive class will follow a freedom of choice method and a trauma informed framework. This class will be differentiated from a standard yoga class in that the participants will be given a choice when and if they want to move, will not be touched, and will be guided to listen to their bodies rather get into any specific posture. The books “Best Practices for Teaching Yoga in the Criminal Justice System’ and Best Practices for Teaching Yoga in Schools” are referenced in the teachings. Instead of the guide or teacher having the ultimate authority, the guide will give the students a choice so that they may decide if and when and how they want to move. The class will meet in a circle at some point and not be set up in a standard format. There will be an introduction, an active somatic movement portion, and a guided meditation into savasana. Additionally, we will provide community resources for anyone interested in learning more about the trauma informed method. The objective: Participants will hopefully feel the effects of the shift in the nervous system from sympathetic to para sympathetic. If not, they will be exposed to a mindfulness based class, that involves an inner exploration of their emotions and how their emotions (current and past) are playing out in their bodies.

Brieanne Tanner

An avid daily practitioner since 2007 with an undergraduate degree in Psychology, Brieanne has a passion for teaching yoga to the under served and those most severely impacted by trauma. In 2019 she organized the first Prison Yoga Project event in Michigan. In the training, she befriended her friends and fellow teachers, Elizabeth Crenshaw and Jen Block (Zen Jen) and the three of them have remained connected through the common passion of teaching the trauma-informed method. After the training, they received a certificate of completion on how to teach yoga and mindfulness in jails and prisons. Before Covid, Brieanne was a teacher at Hamsa Yoga in Lake Orion, taught yoga at LACASA to victims of abuse in Howell, and taught mindfulness to children in the Waterford School District (K-5). Currently she teaches at the YMCA in Milford. As a yoga practitioner, she practices Ayurveda, the harmonium, ashtanga mysore, and transcendental meditation as part of her sadhana. If she’s not practicing or teaching, she is writing about yoga, bonding with her dog, Samuel Jai, or spending time with her family.To deepen her practice and teachings to others, she is making her first pilgrimage to India this Fall.

Jen Block (Zen Jen) LMT, RYT

Jen began her healing journey through the discipline of the martial way, studying Okinawan Karate (AKS) under Sensei Jim Hope. By good karma, she found yoga and instantly felt the effects of yoga as a complete system for mind, body, spirit connection. Within a year, she became a registered yoga teacher and began her transition into the path of the healer. She specializes in adaptive yoga, trauma informed and mindfulness based stress reduction techniques. She is a graduate of Irene’s Myomassology Institute, where she learned the art of massage therapy, myofascial release and Thai Yurvedic Yoga Massage. Studying various methods of somatic therapies has deepened her understanding of the dynamics, as well as, the subtle nature of the body fields. Passionate about continuing her education, she is back in school again studying Ayurveda- Yoga’s sister science. With trust and respect, Jen is honored to help create a healing space for her students

Elizabeth Crenshaw C-IAYT, ERYT-500, RCYT, YACEP, CHW

Elizabeth is a Yoga Therapist, certified though the International Association of Yoga Therapy, an advanced teacher of therapeutic yoga, adaptive yoga, and trauma-informed yoga, a holistic health and wellness coach, a breathwork and meditation facilitator, a community health worker, and the founder of Yaktown Yoga, a mobile yoga and holistic wellness studio that is committed to bringing yoga to everybody and serving underserved communities throughout Michigan.

Elizabeth has been sharing yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practices with children, teens, adults, and seniors for over a decade and has helped people tune into their inner voice, cultivate self-love, and make space for self-care so they can live their best life. She is deeply committed to creating and holding spaces for all to breathe, heal, and to discover the power of their true selves, and looks forward to sharing all that yoga has to offer both on and off the mat.

Energy Medicine Yoga

Begin to learn the language of your body with Energy Medicine Yoga. In this class you will be guided to explore 9 energy systems of the body by tracing meridians, tapping and holding points, clearing energy channels, and more while moving through a slow-paced yoga flow. Harness a deep love, appreciation, and acceptance of yourself in this energy focused class. Accessible to all levels.

Brittni Ummel

Brittni is a life-long learner who brings her joy and compassion to each class. She believes everyone has the capacity to be their own healer beginning with self-exploration. Brittni discovered the benefits of yoga while seeking alternative therapies to battle depression and endometriosis in college. Her self-exploration journey led her to become a 200-hr certified yoga teacher in 2016 while solo traveling in Costa Rica. In 2018, she became an Energy Medicine Yoga teacher, then continued her studies and became a Master Energy Medicine Yoga Teacher in 2020. Brittni meets you in class to explore the subtle energies of the body to harmonize all aspects of life on and off the mat.

The Goddess Within

A workshop built for you to come and remember how beautiful, strong and amazing you are as a woman. You will be guided through an empowering better backs and yin flow focusing on areas in the body that tend to hold emotions and tension. Following our practice there will be a guided meditation. This meditation will challenge you to dive a little deeper into the body and mind to release any negative thoughts and emotions. We will end with a closing circle where we can share our thoughts and maybe even something we learned about ourselves or someone else.

Claudia Sommerville

My yoga journey began about 7 years ago. I started yoga to find a new outlet for my mind and body after I was no longer playing basketball competitively. I not only love yoga for the physical benefits but the mental and spiritual benefits as well. I completed my yoga teacher training in March of 2021 and have been teaching ever since. When I am not teaching or taking a yoga class you can find me on the lake, hiking and spending time with my family and friends.

Song of Your Soul: A Movement and Music Practice

Join Dayle for a playful practice that will have your heart, and voice, SINGING! We will combine the power of pranyama, asana and mantra with Alexander Technique, group vocal exercises, and a few surprises to break through fear and unlock the power of your unique voice.

Dayle Extrell

Dayle was introduced to yoga while earning a BFA in music and theatre at Central Michigan University. The physical practice helped with breath support and was a great way to ‘warm-up’ before a show. As an anxious actor in NYC, the yoga mat quickly became a place of refuge, while fostering self-love, compassion and providing a much needed community.  While her interest in the stage faded out, sharing the gifts of yoga moved into the spot light.  She is an E-RYT and YACEP with over 3,500 teaching hours that have spanned NYC, Colorado and now back home in the Great Lake State! for more, check out

Restorative Yoga Practice with Live Ambient Music

Rest & Refresh Restorative Yoga Practice which not only allows us to relax and release, but also to turn inward to know ourselves deeply. This class features live ambient music using guitar, synthesizers & drumming which all assists to create a sound journey experience.

David Shiva Das

Abhi Durga Devi & David Shiva Das have been practicing & teaching yoga since 2001. They operated House of Yoga in Berkley, MI from 2006 through 2021. Their teachers include David Life, Sharon Gannon, Mark Whitwell, Ram Dass & Bhagavan Das.
David Shiva Das has been a musician for many years. He formed Shiva Das Ambient in 2019 as a concept to create ambient music to facilitate a shamanic type sound journey experience and also to assist with meditation & absorption during yoga classes. Tom Price plays djembe hand drums. Tom is the original mystic drummer and has played drums for most of his life.

Yoga Chapel

Have you ever said to someone “Yoga is my church!” As a non-denominational “yoga chaplain”, I will guide us through some movement and reflection to lean into yoga as a sacred space, using stories from several traditions to light the way. These may include the Yoga Sutras, Christian mystic writings, and contemporary Buddhist teachings. We will honor the roots of yoga as well as the Potowatomi land on which we practice. This will be a practice with very gentle movement as well as meditation and reflection; bring a journal and pen if you can.

Elizabeth Birkholz Seeke

I am an ordained minister and RYT-200. I have training in yoga for all bodies, meditation in the workplace, and Cosmic Yoga for Kids. I am also a Yoga Chaplain, an international organization based in Vancouver, Canada. I love weaving storytelling with yoga, and giving people tools to use ancient wisdom in daily life. I especially love teaching people who are brand new to yoga. I will complete a Yoga Therapy training at the International Institute of Yoga Therapy in 2023.

Yoga + Barre

Yoga + Barre is a one-of-a-kind experience where yoga class meets ballet barre workout! This intense, but easy to follow class is a total body workout combining yoga, Pilates and ballet inspired moves to target smaller muscle groups and lengthen your body. Meditation and breath work techniques are infused into class to balance your mind, body, and spirit in this well rounded class. Class is filled with upbeat, positive, music that goes with the flow of the class and has you singing along!

Emma Parker

Emma has been practicing yoga for 5 years and received her 200hr RYT on the magical island of Hawaii. Emma is Child Yoga Certified and Reiki Level I & II. Through her knowledge of poses, breath, and meditation you will learn to connect your mind, body, and spirit. Emma brings playful energy to each practice through Hatha Vinyasa and Yoga + Barre classes while ensuring a safe space. Emma’s goal is to help you release stress and leave the yoga class with a smile on your face and love in your heart.

An Introduction to Kundalini Yoga & Mediation

Kundalini Yoga & Mediation works the meridians and energy channels of the body to help expand your consciousness and increase mental clarity. This class will include dynamic breathing techniques, mental focus, postures, mudras, mantras, meditation, and deep relaxation for an empowering and invigorating experience. This practice helps to balance your glandular system, expand lung capacity, and strengthen your nervous system.

Face Yoga

Face Yoga is a natural approach to younger, firmer looking skin. It has a lot of great benefits that traditional yoga does, but the techniques focus predominantly on your face and neck. Face Yoga uses facial exercises, massage, acupressure, relaxation, and wellbeing techniques to help plump and firm your skin, smooth lines and wrinkles, tone and sculpt your face, relax tension, and boost blood flow.

Ginger Corwin

Ginger Marie Corwin is a Yoga & Face Yoga Instructor and the author of the Amazon Best Selling book, Your Weekly Guide to Bliss. She is a certified teacher of the Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method, helped co-create the Stack 52 Yoga Exercise Card Deck, and is licensed in both Hatha and Kundalini Yoga.

Ginger Marie combines a mixture of stretching, breath work, and mediation into her classes for a rejuvenating and empowering experience. She loves incorporating positivity and mindfulness into her teachings and believes Yoga & Face Yoga are powerful tools that help cultivate a deeper level of happiness, self-love, and acceptance.

Visit Ginger Marie online at

No Mud No Lotus

A sacred mat-free practice of sweet sole to soil intuitive movement. Just body, breath and beats. Meet us in the mud (you will get dirty) where we will be connecting our bare-feet to the bare bones of Mother Earth; shaking loose expectations, programs and paradigms that no longer serve the greater good. As we answer the call of ancient roots and atavistic truths we will, together, re-wild our soul + sadhana. #nomudnolotus

howl + hawk

we are sacred space holders and soul warriors of women’s work, on a path of reclamation and righting our relationship with the earth. holding more that 25 years experience of the healing arts between us we gather in circle, sometimes in silence, and always in love. we share our story, experience and knowledge through deep connection and re-wilding practices. a beautiful blend of tenderness and tenacity. let’s journey to the self through the land… meet you in the mud!

The beginning of the class will be fully guided flowing yoga to create the “glow” followed up with facial massage using a gua-sha stone to increase blood flow and help relax muscle tension. You will learn techniques that you can take home with you to help reduce fine lines, hydrate and plump your skin! It’s all about letting your light shine from the inside and matching that glow on the outside! 
There will be enough time for Q&A too.
*Each person will receive a Gua Sha stone to use and to take home!
Jamie Oldfield

A registered yoga teacher since 2008 and a licensed esthetician since 2019, Jamie’s passionate in both yoga and skin care, embodying all around self care. She has a bachelors in business from Cleary University, married and has a son & daughter in high school. When not teaching yoga or doing facials you can find her active in her kid’s activities or traveling somewhere to scuba dive with her family! She loves reading, music and hiking with their dog Pepper at Proud Lake. 

Tapping into the centering power of the vagus nerve. A yoga/therapeutic Journey

Through breathwork, gentle movement, visualizations, and therapeutic concepts, we will work together to learn about and utilize the experience of tapping into the vagus nerve in regards to creating inner safety and identifying patterns which hold us back from living in alignment.

Jonathan Richard

As a yoga teacher and therapist, I desire to come alongside you in this journey and work together to create a place of empowerment and healing potential through therapeutic concepts, yogic tools, and human connection.

Capax Universi: A Journey Through the Koshas

Capax Universi – “Capax Universi, capable of the Universe are your arms when they move with love” ; Together we will take a journey through the layers of our Being and see how we are One with all the makings of the Universe.

Jordan Furest

Namaste! My name is Jordan; I am a passionate and enthusiastic nature lover, artist, writer and devotional Yogi. This practice has shown me a path of empowerment to move beyond limited self beliefs, while also providing a way for me to merge once again with Source and all of Creation. I look forward to moving and sharing in sacred breath together

Come Home

As human beings we tend to be tough on ourselves, allow things in that take up too much space with no purpose, and treat our bodies and minds more like a rental space rather than what we truly are — home.
A gentile yoga class made for all-levels focusing on the breath, self, and letting go. This class will center around the mantra “I am home” and allow us to be gentile with ourselves as well as setting boundaries to take off the mat to continue to treat ourselves as “home”.

Kaila Dukicin

I found yoga originally as a way to relieve pain in the body, but quickly learned that it helped with the pain I was carrying in my heart and mind. Soon after discovering the benefits of yoga I took teacher training in hopes of improving my life and yoga practice, with no intention to teach. By the end of the program I knew I had to teach and wanted to share with others who were struggling in the ways I was.
Two years later I have found a higher purpose with my life, due to yoga, and am sharing that gift with others.

the Strength

This class will empower you to train intensely and help you realize just how strong your body is! You’ll experience challenging cardio and HIIT moves along with your own body weight and great music! the Strength is a great option for intermediate-advanced experienced tribe members, but there is always room to modify to honor your body.

Katie Mann

I’m your biggest cheerleader! My job is to be in your corner pushing you to be your best self mentally and physically! I’m a group fitness instructor at the Space Brighton. My mission is to empower and lift all that choose to move with me in strength and vibrational energy.

Yin Yoga

Let me guide you through holding and lengthening yin poses. This class will help you settle into your body while also finding your breath.
Each pose will be held long enough to access and release deep fascia.
Come experience the magic of slowing down.

Kelly Lesko

I found yoga when I most needed it over ten years ago, and it has always been a landing place for myself and my mental health. The community has always felt like true belonging for me, and I am beyond grateful that it has helped me and continues to be a foundation for how I live my life. I have been a teacher for almost a year at the space in Brighton and would love to continue to grow within the yoga community!

Mystical Hatha Flow

Classical hatha postures that flow from one to another with some pauses for breath. Hatha translates to “Discipline of Force” in Sanskrit. A practice of asanas and pranayama helping to bring peace to mind and body, and prepares body for meditation.

LaTrece Robinson

My true passion for yoga developed around age 17 and I did it for fun, slowly learning that yoga was the best tool for me to release old emotions, and truly connect my mind, body, and soul. I’m so grateful to have been aligned with yoga at an early age, it has helped pave the divine path I’m on today. Yoga along with my passion for breathwork has taught me the importance of love, compassion, and patience with all, and has helped me achieve tranquility and higher consciousness within myself. I took my first yoga course in restorative yoga in June of 2020. In December of 2021 I completed my 200hr Yoga teacher training in Guatemala on the Mystical Yoga Farm. My intentions are to cultivate and grow the wisdom, compassion, and power within our individual selves. To help connect and to dive deep into exploration and discovery of self. To assist in removing all boundaries to love, by inner-standing. To share my knowledge and passion of the body through Yoga and meditation with all.

Inversion & Arm Balances Workshop

In this course we will explore beginner and intermediate arm balances and inversions, how to approach them, what their purposes are, how to adapt them for different body types and how to safely practice them.

Lauren Neuman

Lauren has been teaching yoga for over 20 years.  She owns a yoga studio in Waterford, The OM Garden, where she teaches group classes, therapeutic yoga, teacher trainings and continuing education.  Lauren attended Red Lotus School of Yoga after attending Eastern Michigan University for Therapeutic Recreation and Dance.

Primordial Yoga

60-75 minute class activates the deepest core muscles. With a focus on myofascial release through intentional somatic movement, Primoridal Yoga is root chakra therapeutic low movements, driven by the beat. Primordial moves, dance and strength conditioning are sequenced in a sacred geometrical pattern that balances every inch of the body + taps into soul.

Intensity level 5/5 (Ave 600-1000 calories per class)

Leah Purugganan-Slagenwhite


Chakras & Crytals

Our Ancestors have used Crystals in spiritual rituals for their healing powers & connection.  The earth’s minerals show an inexplicable connection to enhance the body’s healing ability response.

Chakras…The seven centers of energy in the astral body.   It can be helpful to visualize a spinning tornado where energy accumulates as it flows throughout each energy center.  The seven chakras correspond to specific organs,
body functions, conscious & unconscious thoughts, colors, elements, and much more.

Lisa Hilary

Lisa Hillary Johnson suffered from Mental Health issues (anxiety, panic attacks & depression) since childhood with no success in healing. Her heart lead her to plant medicine & she sought out a Plant Based Healing Holistic Lifestyle.  It saved her LIFE & allowed her to raise her children with a stable mind & out of Corporate America. In 2000 she enrolled in Irene’s School of Myomassology & graduated in 2001. From 2003 to 2008 Ms. Johnson & her business partner opened a spa called Euphoria Pampering Lounge (Southfield, MI).

Lisa has been practicing yoga for 20 years & teaching yoga for over  11 years.  She completed two Yoga Teacher Trainings with LifePower Yoga (teachers: Jonny Kest & Jane James). She currently is a faculty teacher at Irene’s School of Myomassology (Southfield, MI) teaching hands on massage & an array of electives. Lisa is also Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), & teaches weekly classes & also leads Yoga Teacher Trainings. In 2021 she created & developed her own natural body care product line. All products are made for healing the entire mind & body.

Stay Connected
Instagram:  @LisaHillaryJ
Text ME:  313.610.6073

Open Your Heart

This lesson is a deep dive into cultivating a sustainable approach toward poses in the genre of spinal extension (back-bending).  Foundational alignment-based techniques will be explored in order to support a healthy, strong, and lasting practice that promotes the health and flexibility of the spine. Participants who adopt these tools will experience an expansion of physical space in the body, as well as an energetic opening on an emotional level, and increased clarity and resiliency of the mind, over time.

Luke Sasek

Luke has been a student of asana and meditative practices for 9 years. His dedication to daily practice and commitment to deepening his learning is fueled by an intense curiosity around the myriad ways in which breath, the somatic body, and consciousness all interplay with one another. He teaches from a rich depth of personal experience on the mat and is extensively studying with Todd Tesen and Chris Briney.

Yoga for the Playful Heart

The study of play through basic yoga postures by linking of breath and movement. Students will move from one posture to another creating gentle flow sequences with breathing breaks between each sequence. While moving students will get to explore how joy moves them through the mat with dance breaks, breathing breaks, and find your own pose breaks.
The class moves through basic breath exercises, warm-up sequences, followed by a standing sequence, balancing poses, and then seated poses. The class ends with a relaxation sequence and savasana. This class is suitable for all levels.

Marcia Faye McGee

Building a diverse yoga community is Marcia’s yoga aim.
Bringing yoga to underserved communities and exposing all to the wonders of yoga is how Marcia sees her purpose in the world of yoga.
Marcia is a Flint, Michigan based yoga instructor–completing her studies at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health (based in Massachusetts) in the summer of 2010. Marcia is also a graduate of the Samadhi Yoga Center Teacher’s Training Program, providing her with a solid Ashtanga /Hatha/Vinyasa foundation.
She currently teaches a Saturday morning, community/donation- based yoga class at Wellness at the Wheel in downtown Flint, Michigan. This community class is open to all levels and works to introduce people to the joys of yoga. All funds collected from this class go to Flint area charities including the YWCA Safehouse for women, The Whaley Children Center, and the Shelter of Flint. Marcia also conducts classes to young people for the Genesee County Juvenile Justice Center (youth detention facility) and free workshops for The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Flint.
Marcia resides in the heart of Flint, Michigan with a goal of sharing her love of yoga one smile at a time.


This is where plant medicine and yoga meet. For those who are plant curious and yoga friendly or plant friendly and yoga curious. This is the gateway to spiritually through plant medicine paired with yoga. We use beginner friendly Hatha yoga practice to align mind body and spirit.

Maya Biggs

Been teaching yoga for 3 years Elevatedyogi has been around since 2014 met some cannabis lawyers who loved the idea and asked if we needed space for classes as we had been hosting outdoor classes. We’ve been in that location ever since!

Release- Yin Trauma Release Flow with Adjustments

Yin style yoga flow that focuses on releasing grief and trauma from the body.

Michari Patterson

My name is Michari Patterson, I’m 39 and I reside in Flint Michigan. I began taking yoga in 2019,and it honestly changed my life. One day while in savasana, it hit me that I wanted to give the gift of yoga to my community. I started my teacher training in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, and it was honestly the only thing that kept me centered. I attended yoga teacher training at Updog yoga Studio in Rochester Michigan. I really took to yin because it allows student to concentrate on surrendering and breathing without concerning themselves with keeping up, or doing the poses correctly. During quarantine, I spent a lot of time traveling to the homes of students and offering one on one, personalized yoga sessions. As soon as the restrictions were lifted, I began teaching classes at studios and organizations.
I am currently furthering my practices by attaining another certification in Thai yoga massage. I love yoga, and teaching has been one of the most joyous things I have ever experienced.

Connection & Confidence

How yoga’s practices can create incredible relationships & results in our life! Nicki Teufel is excited to guide you through a body awakening & energy clarifying asana practice, followed by unique partner experiences with your fellow yogis, and closing with a special assimilation meditation & creative journaling exercise. You will finish this experience with a new way of BEing, and an elevated plan to increase an area of your life!

Nicki Teufel

Nicki’s classes are highly alignment-based and spiritually centered. She enjoys leading fiery practices as well as softer more mindful classes. 

Her teaching philosophy is rooted in a deep belief that students are powerful beyond their imaginations and that yoga can help them step into that power more fully! She uses the a wide offering of yoga practices in most of her classes, including meditation, pranayama (breath-work), and blends of several different expressions of asana (poses). Nicki has been teaching since 2009 and certified with Yoga Alliance since May 2012. She earned her E-RYT in 2014 and has offered more than 10,000 hrs of yoga teaching, including 14 yoga teacher training programs through her RYS. Anusara Yoga and Sianna Sherman are two of her biggest influences as well as Ayurveda and her mentor teacher, Natalie Piet.

Arm Balances and Inversions
Nicole Cuneaz
Flow State

This workshop will be taught by Paige Altherr, Lauren McEachran, and Danielle Krawczyk. This practice is inspired by those moments we find ourselves in a “Flowstate”. That place where one feels completely immersed in an activity, where time and space no longer exist.
This feeling can occur spontaneously or through conscious cultivation. Each of us will take students through different options and sequences of free-form movement and encourage everyone to use their intuition to link a small series of movements together to create rhythmic bodily waves. Class will be infused with live music from Paige.

Paige Altherr

Paige pours her heart into all of her offerings, most passionately through music. The opportunity to guide others into their center and find even just a few moments of peace is her purpose.

Lauren is passionate about movement, and loves to incorporate her dance background into yoga asana. She has found this practice to be extremely therapeutic and is grateful for the opportunity to share it with others.

Danielle soothes her students with a rich and nourishing teaching style. Her offerings and deeply intentional and she guides her students into their own authenticity by inspiring them with her own.

Danielle Krawczyk

My journey with yoga began at Michigan Hot Yoga Studios in Lansing. I graduated my RYT-200 training in early 2018, and have since fallen in love with the healing power of movement, pranayama, and community. My knowledge is based in ashtanga, vinyasa, slow burn, and yin. I found a special interest in bringing yoga to those in recovery from addiction, and have witnessed first hand the magic it creates in mind, body, and soul. I enjoy teaching slow flows that guide the body into unconventional postures and ways of moving our Prana in pure authenticity. After teaching at several studios, my partner and I created Elephant Studios, an artistic playground for yoga, arts, meditation, dance medicine, and healing that is free and open to all. Although we lost the studio to a fire last year, I hope to continue to share the love and philosophy of a practice that connects and heals us all.

Lauren McEachran
Lauren was first introduced to yoga in 2013 as a college student. She immediately fell in love with the practice, and was amazed by the newfound connection she felt with herself and others after integrating yoga into her daily routine. 
Since completing her first teacher training at Red Yoga in 2018, she has continued to learn and deepen her understanding of the practice and is currently undergoing a second training with Authentic Movements. Lauren has a background in contemporary dance which inspires her in her classes. Her teaching style is a combination of alignment and free flowing movements. Outside of yoga she enjoys reading, baking, and traveling whenever she can.
Tribe Meeting

2 hour class. Begins with intros/ice breakers for instant compatibility between strangers and connection. 45 mins of yoga. Then a guided meditation and affirmations. Ending with a sharing circle. The whole meeting cultivates a sense of belonging and connection.

Pam Ferrara

Hi! I’m Pam, a stay at home mom turned business woman. I realized myself as well as so many others, were missing community and connection. So I started the Good Vibe Sister Tribe, which turned into GVST Wellness, and started my own, ever-growing, wellness community.

Stephanie Naddaf
Stephanie Naddaf has been teaching yoga for 6 years and has been with GVST Wellness for over a year! 


Yin Yoga

Yoga practice which targets tendons, ligaments and fascia within the body. Each posture is held for long periods of time to encourage the slow and safe opening of connective tissues, leaving the yogi with an overall feeling of lightness, spaciousness and peace.

Rita LaFaive

I am humbled to have the opportunity to share the practice of Yin Yoga with each of you. I love the energy in a yoga room whether practicing with many yogis or just one. Yin has a special place in my heart. I initially fell into a Yin class during my teacher training. I’m so glad I did! I truly believe in the pure and peaceful practice of Yin as a way to optimize wellness. I will always be a yoga student first and a teacher second. I continue to learn everyday. Namaste, Rita

Enrapture : A State of Being and Embodiment

Join Soojin as she takes you on a journey through a yoga practice that weaves Qi Gong, Tai Chi, breathwork, mantra, mudra art and authentic expression.
Soul expression that takes us to higher states of consciousness and embodiment. Invoking the divine through rituals, sacred practices, movement and dance. This is an exploration, dance and meeting of the Self. An ecstatic experience of being in your body. We will embark on some human connection experiences to blast open our hearts together.

Soojin Kim

Soojin has been on a spiritual quest seeking the why and understanding the human soul on fire since she was a young girl. Her discovery of yoga was a life changing awakening and deeply reconnected her to her body and soul through breath, meditation and movement. She travelled to India to study at the Vedanta Ashram in 2013 with Swami Paratharsary. Her studies of Vedic philosophy would later evolve into a deep appreciation of Tantra. Soojin weaves in spirituality, art of rituals alignment, mindful flow and pranayama within her classes to help you connect to the lighthouse of your jiva-soul. She has been teaching for 9 years and appreciates being a student and letting her inner child come out to play.

Hapè Ceremony (ages 18+)
Tata creates a safe, sacred, and comfortable space where you can open up, relax, and begin to truly release. Whatever it is you wish to let go of, or ground yourself in, the journey of Rapeh is meant to aid you and prepare you for those next steps. It is essential that we are clear about our goals, focus, and intention throughout your journey and what you want to let go of and release.
The Flow: Opening Cleansing Circle, Hemp Journey through tinctures and topicals (optional), Mini Sound Bath Journey, Personal Hapé Experiences 7-10 mins each person
(Please allow time for rest and inner work as Tatiana administers the Hapeh to each person) Indeginous music and songs, Decompression: A time of Silence, Closing CIrcle
In this space, Tatiana administers plant medicines and shares ancient practices in order to guide you through a clearing and intention focused ceremony. With the intensity of the experience, please expect purging, releasing, and opening. The use of (optional) hemp, breathing, and sound therapy techniques will help calm the nervous system and bring the mind/body to a state of peace and calm and aid in the release. This will allow our bodies to be best prepared for the pentacle of the plant medicine journey.
Hapéh is an indigenous/tribal tobacco snuff used as a healing medicine, for hunting purposes, and during ceremonies for clarity, focus and to help ground. This plant medicine experience is used to detoxify the body, while calming the mind and clearing it of distractions, all the while opening the heart to help fully access the space. Tatiana will apply Hapé to each person with care. The Hapé detoxifies the body and clears our mind of any expectations and worrying thoughts, allowing us to be present and free and open throughout our mind and body. The tobacco and herbs help set us up to be more present, alert, and be open to what can be – preparing us for the journey ahead.
During the ceremony, Tatiana will –
● Apply your Hapé in a safe, comfortable and loving way and inform you about the process and help prepare your body for it
● Create and hold an energetically high surrounding
● Hold space for you while you are going through any challenging experience
● Be with you through and on your journey, there to help when and if needed
● Encourage and help you to express your experience after the ceremony
 ● Use indegiounous music and crystal singing bowls will be use throughout
Hemp (optional) – Opening prayer and meditation with hemp oil microdosing for ultimate focus, awareness, and relaxation. CBD from hemp is widely known as a non-psychoactive plant medicine that helps reduce stress, inflammation, and anxiety. This cannabinoid helps to bring balance, nutrients, and much missing nourishment to our bodies and minds. Tatiana will then guide you through a short series of heart opening and relaxing yoga asanas to embody a most peaceful savasana as she prepares your body to receive the Hapè.
Please bring…
Your open heart and any questions you might have.
Anything comfortable you might want – but we will have mats, blankets, cushions, as needed. Replenishing drink like alkaline water or water with lemon.
Bring your crystals if you’d like them to be recharged during the ceremony.
What to expect…
Time to rest, relax, and receive – hemp, Hapè, and non-judgmental love
To experience the benefits of ancient medicines and practices
An intense rush and feeling as you receive the rape
Releasing, possible crying, runny nose, coughing and/or crying
Possibility of other forms of your body purging (there will be tissues and buckets available) A time to release, let go, and do inner work
Please receive…
A space to set and manifest your intentions Information about hemp, Hapè, and the journey
A personal Hapè experience
True connection
Heart Opening


Tatiana (Tata) Weaver

Tatiana Weaver is a Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher (RYT200) and Soundbath Healer. She also completed Dee Dasualt’s Ganja Yoga Teacher Training in Los Angeles and is Reiki II attuned. More recently Tatiana has become certified in prenatal yoga and is also a trained Sacred Birth Doula and breathwork practitioner. Tatiana has practiced yoga for over 15 years and has been a teacher, while continually learning, for over 6 years. She is a true Light, bubble of energy and empath. Not to mention she also thrives as an event marketing aficionado, actor/comedienne, and influencer.


She comes to Michigan via Los Angeles and is committed to helping others find peace and healing in their lives. Due to a life-changing accident, Tatiana has overcome (and still deals with) pain and anxiety due to severe injury, and has learned to use CBD (and THC), combined with yoga, meditation, and other holistic modalities and lifestyle choices, to help heal and transform her life. Intuitive, empathetic, and extremely caring, Tatiana has committed her Self to healing, while

helping others find balance and comfort in their life through the use of various modalities, hemp and cannabis products, as well as yoga, stretching, and breathing practices.


Through the exploration of plant medicine and a more holistic lifestyle, experimenting with new

cannabis brands and learning about the latest in the hemp and cannabis worlds, Tatiana has

become a staple in the cannabis and wellness community. Her magic lies in her innate ability to

connect with people. Highly adaptable, attuned, and attentive, she’s known to be a positive guide, helping people safely and comfortably journey through mind-altering and -effecting experiences.


Tatiana is a proud yoga, health, cannabis and hemp advocate, dedicated to helping people

make informed and better decisions when it comes to self-care, pain management, natural

medicine and homeopathic remedies. She hosts group and private cannabis-enhanced yoga

sessions and gives 1-on-1 or group educational circles, private, and group “seshes.” Events

being her passion, Tatiana has helps to organize and produce events with and for brands

execute, from small scale to expo and festival style events. Tatiana continues on her path to

create unique, community-based events that range from pop up dinners and brunches to yoga

workshops and cannabis circles. For more information, please reach out.


The Art of Adjusting

How to adjust students carefully, efficiently and effectively. Gain a better understanding of who needs adjusting and who does not, where, and to what degree. An exploration of sensitivity training, observational discernment and palpation with the intention of receiving feedback from the body itself. Incorporating a living anatomical lens to expand one’s perspective when looking at various bodies is the determining factor for proper adjustment. This perspective opens the doors for teachers to develop safe and creative verbal and manual adjustments in the spur of the moment, rather than depending on regurgitated cues. Participants will walk away with the groundwork for a new way of observing and various ways to help create space and grounding, manually and verbally.

Terence Ollivierra

Terence A. Ollivierra has practiced yoga for more than half his life and has been teaching since 1999. His yoga practice also began as a teenager with a seven year self study ( Svadhyaya ) with B.K.S. Iyengar’s book Light on Yoga as his only guide. Initially certified to teach the Sivananda System of Hatha Yoga, he later practiced Astanga Yoga until in meeting his teacher John Schumacher, a certified Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher in 2003. He later began an apprenticeship with John which lasted almost 6 years, and was a certified Iyengar teacher for over 10 years. He also studied at the Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration as well as The Institute for Structural Integration and is a certified Rolfer™. He has been featured in Yoga Journal Magazine and more recently has written articles for Yoga Journal China on structurally integrative alignment. He has taught alignment aspects of teacher trainings in the US and internationally.

Laughter Yoga ~ Laugh for no Reason

Laughter Yoga is Childlike Play at its best…as an Adult…getting in touch with your Inner Child. During these times of uncertainty, we are all feeling stress, anxiety, and fear. Laughter is our secret weapon to combat these negative feelings and will leave us with a sense of inner peace that we could all use right now.

Laughter is contagious and has a powerful and immediate effect on our mind, body and spirit.  It involves deep breathing, mindfulness, stretching, clapping and laughter exercises.

Laughing for no reason is a purely physical process that uses simple breathing techniques and fun laughter exercises to elicit laughter, without relying on humor, jokes, or comedy. It’s based on the scientific fact that the body cannot tell the difference between fake and real laughter.   It decreases stress and anxiety, improves your mood, strengthens your immune system, is a natural pain killer, and oxygenates the body!

Discover the amazing medicine of laughter. You will leave feeling less stressed and more joyful, all while improving your overall health.

Tantra for Singles ~ Come Touch YourSelf

You are the BeLoved. In our day and age we are always go go go…during this workshop; I will gently guide you as you slowly open your mind and your heart to slow down; to Love YourSelf Completely. You will enjoy being with YourSelf on a more intimate level. Exploring. Playfulness. Excitement. It’ll be immensely nourishing.

We experience the world through the lens of our senses.  The flash of a crimson leaf. The burbling of the creek.  The scent of wood smoke.  Every burst of flavor or sensual touch can be both expansive and erotic… as you will open to the full breadth of experience.   The art also balances, rejuvenates and returns joy and confidence.

In this workshop, we will cultivate deep surrender through sensory stimulation.  We will strip down our perceptions and activate each major sense in isolation – Smell, Sight, Taste, Sound, and Touch – and savor the sheer bliss of sensation. This an amazing and ‘sensational’ class has had rave reviews from couples everywhere that I teach it.

Each guest will receive a bag of items that we will use during the class. They are free and you may take them home.

Tisa Powell

Tisa is passionate about sharing her gifts to the community for healing spiritual, emotional, mental and physical well-being. She spends her time serving others through, touch, sound, and energy healing. Her mission is to uplift, inspire and empower people from all walks of life to live playful, connected, balanced and magical lives.

She is certified in several modalities; Certified SomaVeda Thai Yoga practitioner, Cacao Ceremonies, Laughter Yoga, Reiki, Sacred Sound Baths, Fire Cupping and more.

Tisa’s own personal experience with pain led her to deepen her exploration into Sound Healing and its techniques. Through her Sacred Sound Baths she has found natural pain relief, spiritual development and a way to help others deepen their connection to the divine within, peacefully so they may live a life of fullness and abundance.

She is in Love with getting back to the healing that nature has to offer us. She creates Soap as Art as well as Natural and Organic products. In her spare time she enjoys drumming, spinning fire, dancing, gardening, canning, and more. Her aim is to manifest Promiiwihan Sii or “the practical expression of loving kindness.”