Trina Rowell

Trina is an inspirational nomad. She’s been traveling overseas for over 15 years. Having dedicated much of her life to non-profit work, studies and barefoot traveling she loves living yoga through a simple healthy life and sharing it. She is a Certified Yoga Teacher, Facilitates InnerDance, Dance Artist/Choreographer offering Concert, Therapeutic and Guided Styles such as Contact Dance Improvisation or 5 Rhythms, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and experience in Reiki and Hilot Massage Therapy. She draws from her diverse background to create understand and facilitate expression through movement in hopes of raising awareness. She invites you to Come, Laugh and Work that Inner and Outer Self Free~.

Class Offerings: Hatha Yoga (Traditional) InnerDance

Traditional Hatha Yoga (Sivananda style) is a time tested sequence to increase Life force energy in our bodies combining Relaxation, Prana, Chant/Meditation and Asana practice for a complete and feel good grounding practice. InnerDance is a musical guided journey that can serve as an awakening tool.

Scientific, Philosophical, Metaphysical and Spiritual, InnerDance stems from ancient indigenous traditions all around the world bringing it direct from the founder and its home in the Philippines using brain wave states to tap into our subconscious. It’s often compared to plant medicine in its most natural form, with no ingest-ants.