Todd Robinson

Todd Robinson is one of, if not THE, most knowledgeable meditation expert of our time.

He has over 35 years of meditation experience and has studied how meditation works for over 25 years.

Todd’s meditation research has redefined our concepts of meditation and how it works, provided a new macro-psychological overview of how we think, and produced a set of meditation principals we can use to our advantage towards living happier, stress-free, lives.

Todd is a former Buddhist Monk, and was the first Buddhist Monk to serve in any of the U.S. Chaplain Corps in the Armed Forces Chaplain Corps.

Class Offerings: Nature-Based Deep-Relaxation Meditation

People have been meditating for thousands of years, some for decades, without fully knowing how meditation or their minds actually work. During just one of these Nature-Based deep-relaxation meditations we’ll help you’ll see exactly how they work, giving you an incredible head-start towards meeting your Stress-Free Living and other meditation goals.

If you only ever go to one meditation class in your life, this should be it!