Rebecca Caliendo

Becca has a past life as an opera singer and truly discovered yoga while living in an unhealthy and stressful environment singing on the east coast. To Becca – Yoga was/is a place to go, to be, to feel held, and to feel comforted. She is now understanding that she experienced trauma and yoga was her healing space and grace. It saved her on many levels. Her interest started first with Iyengar, and then a mixture of hatha and vinyasa. After moving to Chicago, she dabbled in and discovered nidra, ashtanga, tantric vinyasa, and kundalini. She is a forever student and currently practices at Tejas. She credits her style based on all of her many teachers from the east coast and here in the Chicago as well as their teachers. Becca teaches nidra, kids yoga, and vinyasa.. She is also a certified reiki practitioner and oneness deeksha blessing giver. Becca loves to create a welcoming, and safe space in an alignment-focused class where each yogi has the opportunity to chose their practice based on how they feel in the moment; range of motion, modified or not. Laying on the mat for the full class is totally welcome as well. Every body is welcome exactly as they are. Come as you are and notice the shifts that take place in every way. Namaste.

Class Offerings: Nidra/Reiki Meditation Cicle

I’d love to create a nidra, reiki, and meditation circle! We could create a safe and sacred circle and add some sort of intention setting and burning of paper to release something that no longer serves us. This will plant the seed of our sankalpa for nidra. We will move the body a bit then be guided in a nidra session, topped off with a bit of energy work. Even a 30 second zap would work and is effective.