Melissa Tigerlily Larson

Melissa Tigerlily lives by the belief that a divine magick resides within everything and everyone. She is an intuitive healer, sacred space holder, ceremonial songstress and sound healer, scribe of Spirit, and conscious jewelry designer at TigerLily Moon. Her intention is to evolve as a vessel for Spirit in all that she does and shares with the world. Her deep love of integrating music and healing as medicine has guided her on a spirit led pilgrimage across the country bringing healing to the land and water. She weaves sound, ceremony, and vibration together through ritual, healing circles, workshops, and retreats. As a Reiki Master Teacher, shamanic practitioner, and facilitator of New Paradigm MDT, she creates safe, sacred space for people to reconnect with themselves and activate their inner wisdom. Melissa believes in the power of self love, authentic self expression, vulnerability, freedom, and Magick. She is passionate about holding space for others in the discovery of their own passion, purpose and heart-song, while they courageously share it with the world. Her deepest heartfelt prayer is that every being remembers who they truly are, reconnecting to the collective mission humanity carries as stewards and guardians of Mother Earth.

Class Offerings: Sacred Sister Cirlce: Embody Your Modern Mystic

When Sisters gather, Magick follows. Together we are birthing a new way of being by gathering in sisterhood and igniting the ancient tapestry of remembrance within us. We each carry a sacred medicine for one another. One which sparks a recognition that each pair of eyes we meet is a teacher. Join Melissa Tigerlily as she takes you on a journey to activate the mystic within, cultivating a ritual of self love and bringing you into closer connection with your internal guidance. Experience sister connection, energy activations, a guided sound journey, and ceremony to call in what you truly desire. You will leave feeling empowered with a new toolbox that will support you in creating a more sacred and balanced life. We all have the capacity to call sacredness into every moment of our lives. It is our birthright to embody our personal brand of magick!